Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was developed by ND Cube

ND Cube is known to be the team that handles a lot of Mario Party games. As a matter of fact, they recently worked on Mario Party: The Top 100 for 3DS. That's not their most recent project, though. On the company's official website, we see that they were the main developer working on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Nice to see them have an opportunity to step away from their party game roots to do something considerably different!

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Didn't they work on amiibo Festival as well?

Now I know who the blame...

Be grateful that they at least made an fzero game.

But really though, I think Nintendo should train ND cube a bit to make them a well known company like hal.

That explains why this game felt even more boring than New Leaf (which was already quite boring)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Was Developed by Not-the-Animal-Crossing-Team, 2018 Main Series Switch Game Basically Confirmed

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