Minecraft devs not working to add gyro-aiming to Switch version, but will consider for the future

If you were hoping that gyroscopic aiming would be added to Minecraft on Switch, we've got some slightly bad news. The dev team has said that nothing like that is in the works, but here's the silver lining. They did say that they like the idea, and they'll at least look into it in the future.

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Wed Feb 28 18 06:11pm
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If they did so it would likely be for the bedrock edition methinks. Not the old Switch Edition. Quite frankly I'd rather see them focus on adding keyboard and mouse support if they're going to go out of their way to include special controls on the console editions.

EDIT: Well I watched the whole stream where they mention gyro controls and they did say they'd love to add keyboard and mouse controls but it has to be first supported by the hardware itslelf. They can't add it into the OS themselves it has to come from Nintendo.

What they didn't say is that keyboards are already supported by default on Switch, USB keyboards, but as far as I know they're only supported to type in text whenever the on screen keyboard API is active. I guess it can't be used for anything else at this time. As for mouse support, Nintendo has no reason to add it in unless devs request it or offer to partner with them to bring it, so I guess unless things move forward in that direction, support for those in Minecraft won't happen on Switch anytime soon.

Wed Feb 28 18 06:50pm
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This is the closest we've ever gotten to a better way of controlling in any version of console minecraft (be it clone or real). I really wanted this in 3DS or Wii U where you'd not only have gyro aiming, but super easy inventory management. That would've no doubt been the ultimate way of playing Minecraft.
And I truly hope gyro aiming starts trending from now on. It might be all thanks to Doom for finally being the one to make this "scary" new leap (all non-Nintendo devs seem to be scared of even giving the option for it).

I would love to see it in much more games

Although the bedrock update on switch is going to add touch controls to the menus.

And there goes any chance that I would buy the thing.

If you already bought the Switch Edition, this one will be free for you, you know?

Minecraft 2 confirmed????????


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