SEGA says Sonic's upcoming film will present a "very unique and exciting vision"

Sonic is finally getting his own feature film in 2019. The movie is going to be a blend of live-action and CG, and that's pretty much all we know! Should Sonic fans be worried about a lackluster silver screen showing? In an intreview with ComicBook.com, Ivo Gerscovich, chief brand officer for Sonic the Hedgehog and senior vice president for Sega of America, says the blue blur is in good hands

CB: Why do you think it’s taken so long for Sonic the Hedgehog to hit the big screen? Was SEGA just waiting for the proper opportunity to bring him?

IG: Yes, we believed strongly that the Sonic brand needed to be treated in the right way. Having the opportunity to work with such an amazingly talented production team with such a strong track record (like the Fast and the Furious films and the Deadpool movie) made the decision an exciting one for SEGA to take.

CB: Do you feel that a combination of CGI/live-action is a good mix for a Sonic the Hedgehog film?

IG: The film-makers have a very unique and exciting vision in mind for the story, and we can’t wait to see how this blend of CGI/live action comes to life on the big screen!

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Fri Mar 02 18 06:07pm
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"Should Sonic fans be worried about a lackluster silver screen showing?"


They are used to sub-par products.

"Our unique vision is we started right after we heard about the Mario movie!"

Fri Mar 02 18 06:07pm
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"Should Sonic fans be worried about a lackluster silver screen showing?"


They are used to sub-par products.

Fri Mar 02 18 06:39pm
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Our unique and exciting vision: Sonic and friends leave their all-CG world and enter OUR world, meeting a harried marketing exec who needs to learn some family values and cope with these cartoon characters.

"Should Sonic fans be worried about a lackluster Silver screen showing?"

So no Silver the Hedgehog in the movie confirm?

I'm not gonna automatically dismiss the film based on what little we know about it, but I can't deny I'm REALLY worried.

Yeah, that interview feels me with nothing but worry. O_O

SEGA Says Sonic's Upcoming Film Will Present a "Very Unique and Exciting Vision"

"Yippety-dip skipperoo! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog! Gotta catch 'em all!"

*cough* Silliness aside: I'm looking forward to the movie, but I'm keeping my hopes low. That way if it turns out to be terrible, I won't be disappointed, but if it turns out to be GOOD — then I'll be happily surprised!

God this just sounds like the generic "Sonic & Friends get sucked out of their world into OUR world. Will Sonic be able to get back home to his world (Mobius) and save it from Eggman's clutches? While many HI-JINX ensue along the way!"

If it was all CGI like the Ratchet & Clank movie (which sucked) I would be more forgiving but I'm afraid they're gonna smurf, scooby-doo, Flinstones, Yogi Bear, Space Jam, Looney Tunes Back in Action it....

I don't get all the negativity about the Sonic movie. If theres something that still good about Sonic is the games trailers and music.

Not untrue, but the "unique and exciting vision" seems to imply they want to move away from that exactly

Well if thats the case they are screw. But honestly speaking I think they are saying that because of the comparison to Nintendo making a Mario movie already.

If they go with the child protagonist like in the Sonic XD series they are going to mess it up. Why don't these companies ever give us a extended version of what we see in their trailers. Imagine an extended CGI LoZ Movie like the one from the Oracle of seasons/ages trailer. That would have been cool, but somehow the get blinded when they have to do a movie and give us a "new and exciting vision".


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