Splatoon 2 - new Splatfest announced for Europe and North America, Chicken or Egg

It's chicken versus egg in the next Splatfest, which kicks off in NA/EU on March 10. I'm going team chicken on this one!

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Oh, man. This one is going to be vicious.

Eggs came first because dinosaurs laid eggs.

But is this a question of which came first?

The egg was way WAY before dinosaurs even. It's a nice, protective shell for the little ones on many ways.

So who's having eggs with chicken for breakfast tomorrow?

so then eggs did come first. I will be having Mario cereal for the first time for breakfast tomorrow. lol also foxes FTW. :-p

Yepp! The eggs where first out ;)

Foxes? Oh, my avatar? Yeah, well I'm a ginger/redhead and also a metalhead. Angry fox was fitting Smile

Well, if you interpret the question like that, it's clear that eggs have been around much longer than chicken. However, you could also think about what came first, the chicken or the chicken egg. Now, there is no well-defined boundary between a species and the species that evolved into it. So to answer the question, we have to assume that there is indeed one individual that is the first that we can call "chicken". Then its parents were by assumption not chicken, but another species of bird. We can now clearly understand that under these assumptions, the question is a question of semantics: if a chicken egg is an egg that is laid by a chicken, then the chicken came first. If a chicken egg is an egg from which a chicken is hatched, then the chicken egg came first.

Why is this interesting? Because normally, both definitions of "chicken egg" are the same, since chicken lay eggs from which chicken are hatched.

There is no one individual we can call chicken (or human). That's not how evolution works! Species gradually evolve as species, not individuals. ;)

(studied biology. Sorry to get so serious)

Exactly, that's why I said there are no well-defined boundaries, and that we just would have to assume that for the sake of the logical argument.

Fri Mar 02 18 10:07pm
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Wow that last line from Marina. Pretty good topic.

Yeah, that escalated quickly... o_o

She's not wrong. :D
They're all just a bunch of ones and zeroes after all.

Fri Mar 02 18 10:50pm
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[EDIT] Ok ok, that must be the funniest skit they have done to date. xD The ending was the best.

That ending Marina... hilarious!

Chicken vs Egg = Creationism vs Evolution

Well it doesn't stop at the dinosaurs... keep going further back... did organisms eventually start laying eggs or where they always born in some kind of "egg". My answer would have to be the "chicken" I guess... only because things reproduced by binary fission at the start.


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