Retail listings point to $60 price for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is heading to the Switch this May, and Nintendo is tagging it as a top-tier title. Since it's a port with not too much in the way of new content, some people were hoping the game wouldn't come with a full price. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case, as multiple retailers have the game listed at $60. Funky Kong doesn't come cheap!


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A rerelease should NEVER be more expensive than the original. This while Sony releases a built from the ground up remake of Shadow of the Colossus for like $40.
Shame, Nintendo. Shame!
(I'll get it anyway)

I really want to give this post a thumbs up purely for that GIF, but dang, this news is pretty crappy.

Tue Mar 06 18 08:18pm
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Best 2D platformer ever made, imo.

Super Mario World is coming to Switch for $60? :p

Normally these ports being $60 don’t bother me, but DKC didn’t even launch for $60 in Wii U back in 2014, and it’s now a Nintendo Select for it too.

I was first going to say that you were wrong about TF’s launch price... but then I did research and saw you were right! The hubris on Nintendo’s part on setting the MSRP at $10 above 2014 Wii U launch price is absurd. I hope this isn’t the first sign of Nintendo letting the Switch success go to their heads.

Totally expected it. Nintendo always overcharges for their ports, and the prices never drop, either... At least not until they become Selects titles.

For MK8 Deluxe I was okay with $60 because it has content you can't get in the retail Wii U version (all the DLC plus a revamped Battle Mode, new characters, and updated mechanics), Hyrule Warriors Definitive I'm expecting $60 because it has all the DLc included plus content from the 3DS version, and Bayonetta 1 and 2 was two games for the prince of one, but yeah DKC TF at $60 feels a bit much given the amount of "new" in the package isn't as much as some of the other Wii U-to-Switch ports.

It won’t matter because as far as most people are concerned, Tropical Freeze never existed because it was stuck on a dead duck of a system. It may as well be a brand new game, so I don’t blame Nintendo for treating it as such.

Oh Boy!! Hah.. Yeah I'm not paying a total of 120 bucks to play DK Freeze.. Thanks Nintendo. It was a decent game, bought it for WiiU, sold it after I beat it. Why on earth do they think they need to charge even more for it now? Adding a new character isn't worth more than full price 4 years later.

I'll either get two copies for Switch or stick with the Wii U versin.... This aint easy.

Huh!? Am I reading this right? You will either buy two Switch copies or none at all, based on this news?

I was....uh... you.... joking ;)

Oh! Well, I wasn't sure, since if I recall correctly, buying multiple copies of a game isn't uncommon for you. Or am I mixing you up with someone else now?

You must be mixing. But then again, I fouble dip ob some games like Bayonetta.

That's our resident collector, MasterofMonsters.

You're right, but I could've sworn there was also someone else. But oh well, doesn't really matter anyway

Bit of a floaty platformer. Wish they fixed the jumping so it felt precise. Old DKC games are the best. $60? No buy!

That Funky New Mode don't come cheap...

Tue Mar 06 18 09:47pm
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This fucking sucks because even though I bought Tropical Freeze (twice) on Wii U (which I no longer own), the DK fan in me wants to support the series so we don't get another GCN era level of support where all we got was spin-offs and mediocrity. Not to mention this is the best 2D platformer in a LONG time (especially from Nintendo who pumps out 2D platformers like crazy) and I wouldn't mind having it on my system so I can play it on the go. But $60 for THIS when all they are adding is an easy mode for IMO an already pretty easy game (well not easy but definitely the easiest DKC game since the original) so that has absolutely NO use to me. This game should be $40 MAX especially considering this game didn't even launch at $60 to begin with on Wii U. I would say "I'll just wait on a price drop" but Nintendo doesn't ever drop prices of their games on the eshop until YEARS later.

This game was something I found to be a fairly basic 2D platformer (but usual DK quality which isn't much although I like it more than the SNES trilogy but that's not hard to accomplish unless you're DK Land which is another I like) so it's certainly not worth 60 unless they add in a new world for the sake of showing off Funky's abilities (and making it an ultra hard challenge level for DK and co)

Wow, it's almost like Wii U used discs and Switch uses cartridges... #YoshisIslandWasLikeEightyDollarsAtLaunchIn1995MoneyPeople

So we should pay the cartridge tax because Nintendo opted for that as their medium? The fact a port with little additional content is the same price as Odyssey or BoTW is an insult to those games.

Or you could look at it that the fact that DKC TF, one of the best 2D platformers of all time, was only on the lowest selling Nintendo system ever was an insult to IT. Why shouldn't such a great game that almost nobody played be released for the new hit system? If you already have it, then why worry about the price? If you don't have it, is ten bucks really hurting you? You can get it for $20 now, and yet you still don't have it: so you don't care and why are you acting like you do? Either way, just chill.

And yet Zelda: BotW was the same price for both versions. Hmm, what a mystery.

Switch also uses zero physical media in the form of a digital download.

It's not that surprising when you consider Nintendo has a long history of pricing their games and that the game was on a system that flopped. Now with switch on the way, pricing it this way makes the most sense.

Wed Mar 07 18 12:56am
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It sold nearly 2 million copies on Wii U. Most ports stay humble and knock off $20 or so since it’s a 4 year old game..

I was referring to the Wii U overall sales which are abysmal. Regardless of whether or not the game sold well, it was sold for a system that performed poorly.

Also, you could argue with the same logic for games like Hyrule Warriors a game also on Wii U but still being a 60$ game for the Switch and 40$ for the 3DS.

While I can understand that people want it cheaper because of them being already released games, Nintendo doesn't make their games cheap even the games on VC aren't either(even though I'm fine with it). As cash grab as it sounds, that's just how Nintendo does it.

But look at the bright side, atleast they don't exploit their fans and gamers in general unlike EA and Konami.

Hyrule Warriors for Switch includes all the DLC, and merges all content from the Wii U and 3DS version, though. So the price is a bit more justified there.

In contrast, DKC:TF doesn't include any DLC (since there was none, obviously), only added Funky Kong, which I imagine most people aren't interested in, and also added $10 to the prize. $40 extra if you count DKC:TF's current price as a Select title

Tue Mar 06 18 11:42pm
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It's a valid price for people who never owned the game and don't have a WiiU, as it's a pretty solid game. But most of us here who don't like the price are people who probably own it already. And yeah, I'm not getting it a second time at that price.

A rerelease should NEVER be more expensive than the original. This while Sony releases a built from the ground up remake of Shadow of the Colossus for like $40.
Shame, Nintendo. Shame!
(I'll get it anyway)

Wed Mar 07 18 02:41am
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I wish there was some kind of system in place where I could get a discount on Wii u ports if I owned the original.

I would love to play Donkey Kong TF, Bayonetta 1 and 2, etc. but can't justify the purchase since I already have them on Wii u. I would prefer them on my switch tho Sad

A port of a Wii U game should not be more than $40. $30 would be ideal, honestly.

Good lookin' out, Nintendo.

For those who gave this news a thumbs up...why??

Huh, I am surprised by the sheer number of upvotes this has gotten. (Of course, it got even more downvotes, but still...) I also wonder why exactly people upvote this. I can understand indifference or acceptance, but I can't imagine anyone thinking this is good news

You're a disgrace Nintendo! You've done next to no work other than add Funky Kong to make the game easier and it's less than €20 new on Wii U. But Nintendo are greedy like any other company and try to get the biggest profit for as little work where they can. We've known this price for months, just look at all the other Wii U ports by Nintendo or the greed by Indies and 3rd parties for old games They're all at it.

Wed Mar 07 18 05:46am
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I don't have a problem with that. Some retailers sell it for 60 euro, some retailers sell it for 46 euro. I buy it from the retailer for 46 euro.

People are angry because some retailers sell a re-release of a game for 60 euro but if games full with DLC and they pay over 80 or 90 dollar for a game at the end, that is okay?

I am happy to pay 46 euro for this Donkey Kong game with the fact in my mind that i don't have to pay more for DLC to get the full game.

I gave a thumbs up for this news Smile

Wed Mar 07 18 03:08pm
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Crap. I accidentally upvoted your comment.

The game has no DLC, and you're happy to pay more??
The game at $50 US was the full game.
The game, now at $20 US on the Wii U, is still the full game.

Nintendo now wants $50 + $10 for Funky Kong.
This isn't good news at all, if true.

Wed Mar 07 18 07:37am
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The problem here are not the retailers but Nintendo who is giving the MSRP. Even charging 50 bucks would be too much. You can charge 50 bucks when you offer real new content. A new world, a new storyline as an example (or featuring previously released DLC, Disgaea 5 featured all released DLC from the expensive Season Pass, even the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV with brand new content and the Season Pass was now released for 50 bucks). If it is a straight port with minor improvements, we are on the 40 bucks side. But hilariously enough, they charge even 60 here so I‘m completely out.

Nintendo is showing their greedy face here. Going back to a failed hardware, porting one of it‘s games with zero efforts to a new, popular console and make it even more expensive than it was when it was released as a new title a few years back.

Sony was a good example with the Shadow of the Colossus remake. Many retailers including many Amazon branches sold the game for just 30 bucks at launch, this was 10 bucks less compared to Sonys MSRP.

Wed Mar 07 18 10:40am
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It's just a retailer dude, there is not confirmed MSRP yet. a 60 USD placeholder is reasonable since most Switch games cost 60 USD. I certainly hope is not the final price

Calm down people, this isn't been confirmed, It's just a retailer.

Been like this for two months though, and it's pre-orderable on many sites. It's pretty much a given

I paid $20 for Tropical Freeze when it was a select title and I didn't even like it. So clearly it's more than a little overpriced in my eyes. Still, given the popularity of Switch it'll probably sell. Understandable although scummy.

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