Nintendo projected to overtake Microsoft's gaming market share in 2018

The following data analysis comes from IHS Markit...

- Nintendo is expected to have a larger share of the console market than Microsoft this year
- $10 billion was spent globally on Xbox hardware, software and services in 2017
- spending on Nintendo products was around $8 billion
- this is double what Nintendo did in 2016, while Microsoft actually saw a slight year-on-year dip
- Nintendo products and services should be over $11 billion in 2018, while Microsoft is expected to dip to around $9 billion
- growth for Nintendo is expected to detract from spending on both Xbox and PlayStation
- Spending on PlayStation products and services rose to well over $20 billion in 2017


And yet Switch still can't get a port of Burnout Paradise...

I hope this means Microsoft comes to their senses and leaves the gaming hardware market.

Eveyone and their dogs talk about Ninty going 3rd party... But what if MS did? Wooow. The shockwave the industry would witness. Diddy kong racing could actually happen ;)

Exactly, going third party would be a great opportunity for Microsoft. Ever since they bought Rare they are sitting on a bunch of IPs and classic games that would sell way better on Nintendo platforms.

And really, when you look at MS history, where they had success and where they didn't, even their name, it's pretty clear that they are a software company first and foremost.

They are already releasing all the XO games on PC and not really focusing much on their consoles. Well, not as much as they should. I woulf love and XoX, buuut...

PC only wouldn't be enough for them, so they should make PS and Switch departments IF that ever haopened.

Intetesting thought Smile

Microsoft going away from the gaming market makes no sense when you consider that they are the king of the PC gaming market. Without windows, gaming on PC is almost impossible to happen.

I will agree that Microsoft should can xbox brand as it is redundant and a waste of money. As long as windows is around, there is no need for it.


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