Nintendo NY - Crowd reaction to Smash Bros. Switch reveal

It's every bit as good as I expected it to be. I wish I could have been there to get in on the fun with the crowd! I love these kind of moments.

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Thu Mar 08 18 06:47pm
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Shoutouts to the guy in the back just trying to play Zelda in peace :P

Thu Mar 08 18 06:47pm
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Shoutouts to the guy in the back just trying to play Zelda in peace :P


Love the guy literally begging for it.

Smash Bros is coming to the Switch in the second year. Amazing.

It feels so wierd to see other people filming for their youtube channel at the same time...maybe Im just getting old...still, its all so ridiculous...

Fun to see everyone so excited though! ahahah

That one girl was literally in tears. I mean dang, it was hype for me, but not that hype.

Thu Mar 08 18 09:34pm
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I think it’s awesome games (or movies, TV shows, books, etc) can bring out that type of emotion in people. Smash may mean something different to her than it does to us.. maybe she used to play it with someone who has since died or it helped her through a tough time in her life or maybe she just really loves the series/characters. The possibilities are endless, but it’s cool to see people so excited!

I've seen her on youtube. She cries easily lol

Fri Mar 09 18 06:54am
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I feel like an old bigot saying this, but when I see people literally crying over a game announcement, my only thought is "Get a grip". I can totally get behind all the shouts from the other people, but crying? C'mon...

It is weird to see somebody crying over a game announcement! But I don't think you are a bigot for thinking like that. After all exaggerated youtube reaction videos make people cringe. I remember when Lucas was announce for Sm4sh there where a couple of guys that made reaction videos crying, I did get excited but I only shouted once because of the surprise.

Whew, glad to know that I'm at least not alone in this. And I dunno, I guess in today's social climate people are quick to be called a bigot for any opinion that is 'not openminded', so to speak. So I was a bit wary about that

Good for fan people.. Not for me.

Can you elaborate on that?

What do you mean, Nurio ? I am not a fan, thats all.

Fri Mar 09 18 07:48am
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It just seemed to be worded in an ambiguous way to me, but thanks for clearing it up

Sorry about that. Okay, no problem. Smile


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