Dark Souls Remastered - Solaire of Astora amiibo is a GameStop exclusive

On May 25, 2018, Nintendo Switch fans can harness the power of the sun with the Solaire of Astora amiibo figure, available exclusively at participating GameStop locations in the United States. By tapping this amiibo on the Joy-Con™ or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the popular “Praise the Sun” gesture can be used with reckless abandon from the start of the game (gesture can also be obtained through regular game play). The Solaire of Astora amiibo carries a MSRP of $15.99.


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Thu Mar 08 18 07:02pm
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Hopefully the "M", "C", and "A" amiibos are released soon after.

You wouldn't think they would keep giving Gamestop exclusive Amiibos when they don't even carry them in stores any more.

yikes @ that price tag

How is that a yikes? It's only $3.00 than the MSRP of a regular amiibo and there are more expensive amiibo out there like the detective pikachu one.

the detective pikachu amiibo is also over twice the size of a regular amiibo.

This one is $3 more because...they know because of fanboys with poor impulse control they can get away with it?

Well, it looks more detailed than most (all) other amiibo. Look at the chainmail.

So its price tag is justified because its twice the size? Would you be complaining less if this one was the same size as the pikachu one?

Same as the detective pikachu amiibo :p. There was no reason to double its size, but they did so that it can be prices higher. In this case, its $3 more because its a limited amiibo (I believe they have confirmed this), and yes fanboys would want it whether they have a Switch or not. I think $3 more for a limited amiibo is fine, its not like its $30 more.

Thu Mar 08 18 07:02pm
Rating: 12

Hopefully the "M", "C", and "A" amiibos are released soon after.

Thu Mar 08 18 07:24pm
Rating: 2

The covenant of the Young Men.

The biggest problem is that it appears to have sold out in about (2) hours.
That or Gamestop pulled it for some reason.
Of all the places to get amiibo, this is only about Toys R Us,.

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