Masahiro Sakurai confirms his involvement in Switch Super Smash Bros.

If you thought Sakurai was going to get a break from the Smash Bros. grind, you would be mistaken! Masahiro Sakurai himself confirmed on Twitter that he's involved in the game's development. He didn't go into specifics, only saying that the team is working on the title every day, and to hang in there and wait for new details.

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Fri Mar 09 18 04:18am
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Hope is health is alright. He's an incredibly hard worker who really puts his all into these games. I can't wait to see what becomes of the latest smash entry be it deluxe version or truly a new iteration, I'm super excited regardless!

Fri Mar 09 18 04:18am
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Hope is health is alright. He's an incredibly hard worker who really puts his all into these games. I can't wait to see what becomes of the latest smash entry be it deluxe version or truly a new iteration, I'm super excited regardless!

Great! Even if it used the same engine and some of the same assets as the Wii U version, I believe it will have enough new stages, characters etc., and a new visual design for menus, that it can be called a sequel. It's already been four years since the release of Smash For.

I hope they revamp some characters. There could be a new BotW Link with a new moveset alongside the traditional Link. And Mario could have Cappy moves!

3 and a half years at most. Also, the last DLC character was on 2016

Oh that's right! I meant that it will have been four years when this gets released at the end of 2018.
I think there might have been something like a bit less than two years of active development on it by now.

Poor sakurai, That man does not get a break

I wonder what the relevance of the Gundam pistol Samurai tweeted about in relation to the new game he was developing is. Is there a possibility of Samurai working on 2 games at once?

U-Uhm, I think you got his name wrong. Or are you being ironic?

Oh, come on. It's 2018: can we all recognize autocorrect when we see it?

Fri Mar 09 18 08:43am
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It's 2018: Why are people even still using autocorrect? People really should turn it off, since it does little good.

While I agree, I still think that when it's clear what the cause of the "typo" is, it's silly to draw attention to it.

Fri Mar 09 18 11:02am
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It wasn't clear to me. It never crossed my mind that it was autocorrect. Probably because I always visit GoNintendo from the computer and everyone I know has autocorrect off on their phones anyway.

I also don't see it as being confirmed it was auto-correct. There is still the possibility he was being ironic, like some kind of joke. That's why I asked

Fri Mar 09 18 10:48am
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It's a well known smash meme to call Sakurai Samurai. The Mashed potato Samurai.

Ah, so he was being ironic then. Thanks for clarifying that!

Sat Mar 10 18 05:11am
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Master Hero Samurai is how you spell his name correctly.

Haha, I like that! I just wasn't sure if it was intentional or not

XXXG-01W Wing Gundam confirmed for Smash

Still wonder if it's a deluxe port like Mario Kart 8 or an entirely new Smash Bros. It's coming out really soon (4 years) compared to the years between Melee and Brawl and Brawl and Sm4sh. And it's releasing the same year it's announced, which as far as I know never happens with Smash Bros games. But there's never been a Smash Bros port outside the Virtual Console, and Hal Laboratory is working on this one unlike Sm4sh, so there's a decent chance it's an original game.

I don’t think the end of the trailer is what people are making it out to be. I just think it’s saying HAL developed the original Smash. HAL could be making the new one, especially since Sakurai said awhile ago he’d rather be a consultant, but I’m not 100% convinced. I would think Nintendo would outright say so, and so far they haven’t given any details.

Why on EARTH would they put a legal disclaimer saying who developed the game five releases ago in the series? Maybe, MAYBE that's right, but we've never seen a trailer do that in history.

neo dark
Fri Mar 09 18 10:51am
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Sure we have. Palutena trailer says hi. Now I'm not saying there's no chance of it being possibly a new iteration but people are reading too much into that copyright and I feel like it's Bayonetta 3 again where people claimed Nintendo has it as a timed exclusive only for Kamiya to reveal it was completely opposite of that.

The trademark/copyright likely mentions Nintendo and HAL rather than anyone else.

Fri Mar 09 18 01:35pm
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"Maybe, MAYBE that's right, but we've never seen a trailer do that in history."

Smash 4:


I think HAL just partly co-owns the Smash Bros copyright.

D'oh! Well thanks for setting me straight. I think your read of the situation is correct.

Lol, no worries. I think most of us would certainly prefer if HAL came back to the series as developers.

Mentally preparing myself for another random third-party, tho.

Just spitballing. Why wouldn’t they just say it’s HAL? They left it to a footer at the end of the trailer to announce the development team? That seems unlikely.

I love that he has his hand in this but also want him to work on a sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising. He was so involved in every aspect of that game that it is hard to imagine it happening without him. I am stumped as to why nobody ever talks about that game anymore.

If you check Reddit every once and a while, you'll definitely notice the Uprising fanfare there

It's basically Sin & Punishment, which was cool, but it doesn't really make for a true Kid Icarus game. I have Uprising but definitely wouldn't buy an Uprising 2. For me, they obviously knew fans wanted KI to come back and used it to sell something that had nothing to do with KI-the platformer.

Fri Mar 09 18 06:25am
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This is at the end of the credits of the Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS reveal trailer.


Now this is what's at the end of the Switch Smash Bros. trailer.

How I read this is that it's an updated port of the Wii U/3DS game. Nintendo and HAL Laboratory made the original game but only Nintendo and not HAL Laboratory are working on this upgraded port. If you pay attention to gaming, you would have heard Sakurai recently talking about doing consultancy work, I think that's what he may be doing on this project and he was talking about Smash Bros. in this interview.

"…Well for me, every time I always think, “This might be the last one.” If it’s a request from a client then I’ll consider it, but I do wonder, “Is it alright if I’m not the director?” It might be good to take on more of a consulting role."



Nintendo wouldn't say at the end of the trailer in tiny writing that this is an "original game".

My thinking as well. Good stuff!

Fri Mar 09 18 07:30am
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The credits on the old website say the same thing, and that's not a new addition. I don't think it necessarily means it's a port.

Fri Mar 09 18 09:33am
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I'm actually thinking it's a new entry, if for no other reason because that's a new logo and the music that plays when the characters are shown is not from "Smash for". Why compose a whole new theme for a port? The updated model of Link isn't a strong a piece of evidence for a new game, but if it is just a port then it means that it's more like Splatoon 2 than Pokken DX as far as how it's being ported.

But the trailer looked to have Pikachu in it, but they didn't mention Game Freak.

I think they're only showing the Nintendo and HAL names on the trademark because revealing the other patent holders, it would clue the audience in on what other characters are in the game and we know Smash Bros devs love to keep the roster secret.

So many people are going to so upset about this!

I'm not upset, but I'm expecting to be annoyed by his constant complaining that is for sure coming.

Fri Mar 09 18 08:59am
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Smash is established enough that I don’t care if it’s a port or new game. There are so many awesome characters already included in The latest Smash that having that game on the Switch would be just fine with me. The backlash from fans will be pretty annoying, of course, if it is just the 3rd version of “Smash For.”

A new game would obviously be even more awesome, but having Smash on Switch this year in one form of another makes me happy. It’s obvious there’s new content in there, so let’s do this!

Hopefully he is a bit more hands of and overseeing that everything goes smoothly. I would hate for him to work himself to death.

4 years is a long time to develop a new Smash, even if it is shorter than the time between previous games (of which there are multiple factors for why there were 5-6 years between those). Especially if they use Wii U as a base instead of going back to the drawing board as they typically do.

If it is simply a deluxe edition combining the Wii U and 3DS games with some extras I'll be perfectly fine with that but something about this announcement makes me feel that's not the case. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was shown from the start to not be much more than a straight port with some extras and they didn't make much of a big deal about that. Same with pretty much every port they've announced- just Nintendo Direct announcements with little build up. I know Smash is one of their biggest franchises and was always going to have a big reveal but I feel like if this was just a deluxe version of the last game they'd be quick to keep expectations in check and confirm that with a more fleshed out reveal from the off. Showing new characters, obscuring the line up in the trailer and showing Link in his BotW outfit is suggesting a new game and Nintendo knows it so it'd be weird to see it be a fairly straight port as we've seen with other games.

Again, no issue to me if it is a Deluxe version but I don't feel like the signs are pointing to that.

Well, if we go by the DLC, it's only been about 2 years. Though it's hard to tell if the extra characters and such were the full team or if some split off for that vs starting a new game.

With 2 years though, I could see using the Wii U/3DS game as a base and revamping most of the art/adding new characters and levels.

And I'm just hoping Ice Climbers are back in. :D

Yeah I have to imagine the team making stages and characters were a much smaller team than those who made the full game. The heavy lifting had been done at that point.

Plus, they could have always had a totally new team handling the Switch game even while they were producing the DLC. Every game since Melee has had a different team behind it so not impossible!

And Ice Climbers has got to be a lock in for this. Smile

If this is a port then I've no interest in it at all. I don't really care if it has new characters or stages. I didn't buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and I won't buy Smash 4 Deluxe.

I seriously doubt the game would have a working title, revamped logo, and have such a massive tease instead of a straight "It's getting ported!" announcement if it wasn't a new game.

Fri Mar 09 18 11:14am
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I hope the visual fidelity is on the same level as Kirby Star Allies. The lighting, textures and shaders look amazing in that game and I feel the Smash series could really shine with Image Quality on that level

light wolf
Fri Mar 09 18 01:30pm
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I know most people seem divided on the "brand new game" or "Wii U port" split but what if it was something in the middle? Like, take the Wii U game as a base, but add enough significant new stuff for it to be considered a new game?

That would be the ideal situation for me. I think SSB4 is almost perfect mechanics-wise and I love the sheer amount of characters, stages, and content in general that it has. To throw all of that out of the window seems like a waste, IMO, especially considering the best version of the game was on Wii U, which really limited its audience.

They can really go all-out with this game if they put everything from the Wii U and 3DS games (including DLC), plus some newcomers and returning veterans, give it a new coat of paint (new title, menus, main theme, etc.) and add some significant new stuff. And by that I mean a new story mode like Subspace Emissary (not gonna happen but let me dream :P).


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