Phantasy Star Online Cloud - more pictures of BOTW Link content

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Fri Mar 09 18 11:21am
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That isn't Linkle...it is just a slightly more feminine Link.

I thought Linkle was a different character completely?

Linkle is a completely different character. What they show is just a female version of that Link gear. Linkle has the hood and dual crossbows. There is literally no other iteration

Linkle is a different character... but then, BotW Link is a different character from OoT Link... who is a different character from WW Link... who is a different character from aLttP Link... and so on...

Aren't the latter examples all reincarnations of the same Link or no?

Either way, they're still all different characters...

Fri Mar 09 18 11:32am
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The picture in the bottom right with the gray rock background is linkle.

...What exactly is this game? Why is the grass texture so bad?

"Linkle" just looks like Link wearing a corset....

Also, is "adding Link to 3rd party game" going to be a (marketing) trend?

With BotW popularity, that's a given. And I'm pretty sure the devs are actually the ones specifically asking for Link stuff.

I'm curious, what makes you so sure of that? To me, most cross-promotions with Nintendo (Skyrim comes to mind, but also Soul Calibur on the Gamecube, and that snowboarding game, etc.) seem like Nintendo offering to put that stuff in it

Sat Mar 10 18 02:53pm
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I don't know, it was just a hunch, a feeling. I have some reasons, but nothing substantial enough to consider a "proof"... Also I worded it real badly, cause I'm not "sure" of that. ^^; And yeah, I know I said "pretty sure", but yeah... Sorry. >_>


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