NBA 2K18/WWE 2K18 - Screenshot functionality removed with 1.07 update

Well here's an odd one for you. The 2K support person doesn't bother to say what the policy is, or if the screenshot feature will be coming back. If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with licensing issues. Hopefully 2K gives an explanation in the near future.

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Fri Mar 09 18 11:19pm
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Thanks Nintendo you know your fans so well and how much we hate features and options...

Pretty sure Nintendo isn't to blame... Unless the policy has to do with games not being a playable framerate.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 disables screenshots when you fast travel until the textures all load up.

Long story short, 2K needs to port their games better.

Except that NBA 2K18 is now one of the better conversions at this point. It always looked impressively close to PS4/XBO and the cutscene stuttering was fixed in time for the physical release.

Oh wow, I didn't know that about Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and I have already taken a lot of screenshots! That's pretty cool.

What I wonder is why I can't record videos. So many times would I have wanted to record something that had just happened. And it's strange: Most Nintendo games support video recording

Sat Mar 10 18 06:42am
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It's implied to be a licensing issue. Not sure why Nintendo is to blame here.

Blame Nintendo first, worry about facts and truth later. Or not at all, like most the GN trolls.

Sat Mar 10 18 05:46am
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Yeah, I don't think NIntendo is to blame here either. It seems really vague and convenient to just say "It's a Nintendo policy". I would be very curious to know what policy allows one game to have screenshots but not the other

Considering its those specific games, its likely a licensing issue. But it is Nintendo's policy, so maybe they'll adjust those terms in the future. I wonder what the liability is for them to restrict it for such cases. Wonder if such screenshot restrictions exist on other platforms like PS4.

Does this apply to other consoles/pc as well?

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