Hullbreach Studios gives update on multiple projects, trying to bring SDK Paint 2 to Switch

It has been a while. Life has been busy for all of us at HullBreach Studios lately, so none of us have made our presence in this community very frequently. Thus, I wanted to give a little update on our projects and how they relate to this community. We have multiple games actively in development across several platforms. For now, these will just be quick summaries of each, but we will have more detailed write-ups in the future. For some of them, you can see screenshots at http://hullbreachstudios.com and even discuss the games in the bulletin boards, which work with your membership accounts here.

Sadness & Solitude - Multi-platform

This is the big project for Randy (Arch_Enemy). It’s a survival horror game with hand-drawn pixel art. We have plans to release this for several platforms, including Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, iOS, Android and possibly others. More details will come shortly.

Tomeling in Trouble - Wii U/Nintendo 3DS

This MOBA game by Robert (Skunkman) is already available for the Wii U in North America. The Europen/Oceanian release is coming this year to coincide with the first update to the NA version. There will also be a Nintendo 3DS version. The plan is to support multi-player between platforms.

Unnamed Project - Nintendo 3DS

Robert has a destruction physics game in development for the Nintendo 3DS. I will let him go into the details once development progresses further. Imagine Blast Corps for the Nintendo 64.

SDK Sprite

I’ve been working on porting the Wii U game SDK Spriter to the iPad. There is currently a “Lite” version available for $0.99USD. A “Pro” version will come later in the year with the full package of game asset and level development. Content can be shared from both the Wii U and iPad versions to http://sdkspriter.com, where you can log in with your account here to vote on art or post comments.

SDK Paint 2 - Nintendo Switch??

We’ve pitched this idea to Nintendo and hope to hear back soon. If they approve it, a big announcement will come later.


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