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Sat Mar 10 18 06:02pm
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How many more videos do you think Gamexplain will make about SSB?

And how many more will I watch Laughing

There is only one correct answer to that question: Yes.

and all of them.

This version: LET'S GOOO!

GameXplain's version: trying not to laugh

Nice that's a cool one!

too many videos about a teaser video which lead absolutely nowhere.
Might be their most clickbaity series of videos ever.

Sun Mar 11 18 12:39am
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It's Smash, and the teaser Nintendo played hinted at a lot and yet confirmed very little... people are obsessing over all the mystery, so of course websites that make their money off clicks are trying to milk it...

Sun Mar 11 18 07:18am
Rating: 2

That, and I really do think that the GameXplain people are genuine fans, so they're just as hyped as most other fans and want to keep analyzing every single scrap they can just to see if they can find more

Between this and the awful "Who we thinks these characters in the line up are" video, Gamexplain clearly has completely lost the plot. Might be a good idea to stop posting so many of their videos because they're well past clickbait at this point.

I'm not sure if this counts as clickbait. It's clear what the video is from the title and it doesn't really underdeliver. They are showing what they (or at least, the fan who made the theme) think might be the theme song. They don't trick or otherwise unfairly entice people into clicking on it. It's clear what it is and if you like it, you can click on it, and otherwise ignore it

Nintendo is such a tease.....

I really hope the trailer implies that SSB is going back to a grittier and more epic presentation, like how Melee and Brawl were handled. I liked the Wii U and 3ds games, but the way they were presented wasn't very epic, it felt kind of casual. The main theme of SSB Wii U/3DS sounded kind of generic, compared to the cinematic quality of the themes from Melee and Brawl.

The new theme from the Switch trailer sounded very ominous, and the visuals implied it could be a grittier looking title, like Melee and Brawl. I honestly hope so, I liked the more detailed approach they used for Melee and Brawl's textures and color schemes. What made those games special, was how they were the only games where you could see the characters in much greater detail, since most of Nintendo's games use a simple art style.

The Wii U/3DS games looked a bit too mixed up with it's visuals. Some characters looked great, but others looked very questionable, or didn't blend well with the other characters. I thought the gritty details in Melee and Brawl helped make the characters blend well with each other, but the bright and colorful colors and mixed texture quality of the characters in Wii U/3DS stuck out like a sore thumb at times.

It won't be the end of the world if the graphics aren't what I'm expecting, but I personally thought the Wii U version of SSB had very simple graphics, and I felt they should have looked a lot better, being the first entry in HD, yet it looked more simplified than Melee in certain aspects of the game. The graphics were a mixed bag, it was expected for the 3ds version to have lower graphics, but I personally felt the Wii U version should have looked a little more detailed and polished in a lot of areas.

Hopefully, the Switch version can look better, since we don't have to worry about the game being under the pressure of being made for multiple consoles like last time. I feel the 3ds really hindered with what could have been, if SSB 4 was just made for Wii U alone. I'm still real excited for SSB Switch.

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