IGN Video - Is Super Smash Bros. for Switch Nintendo's Biggest Game of 2018?

Join the NVC crew as they discuss the biggest announcement from Nintendo's March 8 Direct, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch!

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Probably so. It's Smash after all.

As of right now it certainly is. The rest of the releases are largely made up of ports and Indies.

If they got something bigger than Smash coming this year, then it’s a hell of a time to be alive.

Mon Mar 12 18 05:15pm
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Ummm CAPTAIN FREAKING TOAD is 2018s biggest game!! (Kidding don’t get triggered)

I honestly don’t expect Smash to release in CY2018 anyways. We were shown not much more than a logo. We were shown not much more than Metroid Prime 4.

My thinking is they chose to gamble the 2018 date reveal because 1) it bolsters projections coming up to their fiscal year end as they can say Smash is planned for their next fiscal year and make investors happy, 2) it genuinely probably is further along than MP4 because it can start with Smash Wii U foundation/engine/models/mechanics (honestly don’t really know what “new” they can add outside of characters and stages) 3) they can still fall back to Jan-Mar CY2019 and claim their 2018 date meant FY, 4) they’ll likely still have a good year that Smash slipping won’t upset investors if they delay beyond 2018 later this year.

That aside, the only two games that would be bigger would be a new Mario Kart or the supposed new mainline Pokemon (which has had 2018 attached at times too)

Mon Mar 12 18 05:17pm
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Unless Pokemon or 2D Mario comes out this year, then no way.

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