Nintendo Player’s Voice Inbox March 2018 - Regional Accents, Judging Rabbids, and classroom Mario Kart

Every month we are sharing the best fan messages that land in the UK Player’s Voice inbox. From broad explanations about entire games, to laser focused examples of exemplery moments, we love finding out what the Nintendo gamers of the UK are enjoying on their Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Family Systems, and then sharing them with the world! To learn more about how to contact us, and what you can win, please click here.

Given the huge number of entries we received over the last month, we will be posting more than merely the four promised, and the scribes of all the letters we post will receive a prize!

So, with the formalities out of the way, here are the top letters we received throughout February.

Lunchtime Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by The Tatlocker – Star Letter

"Since the Switch released on my birthday, I bought one and I still haven’t put it down. I’ve had some of my greatest moments on Switch and it has truly been a fantastic year for both me and everyone at Nintendo. One of my all-time favourite moments came from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, when I once took it to school as I knew it would come in handy. Well, one thing I didn’t know was that 9 other people had brought their Switch in and were all playing Mario Kart, but everyone was playing on different modes/maps. So in a true hero moment, I opened up a [online] lobby and asked everyone to join. We had a 10 player lobby of people playing in school, and it was one of the coolest uses of my Switch I’ve ever seen. Only possible on Switch!"

Full feature here

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