SMG Studio shares data on Death Square's Switch eShop sales

Coming from SMG Studio...

Here's a inside look (sharing to help other #nindies) at the sales of Death Squared and how discounts drive big spikes. Also notice the demo helped increase the base sales. (Demo has been DL's 300% more than total sales though :/ Each sale we also let the community know 3-5 days beforehand which hasnt affected sales during those times much. And the spikes are from weekends. There's a SMALL period where the ENTIRE world is on weekend buying games! Note: We wanted to release the DEMO earlier but got stuck with approval issues that delayed it 30 days.

I don't believe eShop devs are allowed to share detailed figures on how their titles are selling on Switch, SMG Studio has worked around that by sharing a chart looking at the sales flow of Death Squared on Switch. You can see how the game did at launch, and the subsequent bumps it's received since then. Good to see the game hanging in there and continuing to get attention, especially when a sale kicks off.

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This game is really good, but needs two people for the best experience and the levels can get quite difficult as you progress.

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