Descenders devs give status update on Switch, says it'll need "a lot of work," and is coming after the XB1/PS4 versions

The following comes from a RedBull interview with RageSquid co-founder and lead coder Roel Ezendam...

"For now, we’ve only decided that we’re doing a Switch version, but we’ve not done much on the actual port yet. We ran early versions of the game on our dev kit but it was painfully obvious that a Switch port is going to require a lot of work; performance is a huge bottleneck when porting Descenders.

We’ll also have to think about how we’re going to use the unique setup in any way but we would really like to do something fun with it. The way it’s built opens up a lot of unique opportunities that we can use to the game’s advantage, but it’s not something we’ve already planned out. For now we’re focusing heavily on the Xbox port and the PS4 port will be close after. Only then we’ll be able to get working on the Switch port."

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Mon Mar 12 18 04:30pm
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Don't worry guys, I will use this one exampl3 as the end-all, be-all example why it's too hard to develop Switch games.

We will have our NINTENDOOM once more.

The issue is that many indie devs start with high specs first, so all the assets they use are for that goal (as well as initial code). And it happens when you develop the game for PC. Porting to consoles requires scaling down.

However, what matters is how much effort is put in that port and the release of that port. If the games looks crappy or they take too long, better not bother

If they can't prioritize the switch development, it won't get my attention.

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