IGN Video - 9 Characters We'd Love to See in Smash Bros. Switch

Just throwing this out there. I think it's time for Travis Touchdown to join the roster. I know he's niche compared to other cameos like Pac-Man, Sonic, Mega Man, and Solid Snake, but I really do feel like he deserves a spot. I don't think it's ever going to happen, but stranger things have!

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Ladies and gents.

... It has begun anew.

Twitter’s Kaz Hirai’s list:

* The Cow you milk in 1-2-Switch
* The lonely guy sitting on a bench in New Donk City
* Prince from Katamari with a Katamari of Amiibos that gets bigger with every Amiibo you tap on the Switch
* A $2 used copy of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale from GameStop

That was an impressively stupid video from IGN, Bomberman and Travis Touchdown would be better choices then any of those ( except for the ARMS characters, which in turn are a way too obvious choice for this type of video)

No thank you for Travis Touchdown. I barely knew him when his game was announced last year and I still know nothing about him at all. I think that's probably for a good reason so sticking to stuff like Bomberman and Simon belmont would be better. Classic characters with a legacy of some sort on Nintendo Platforms, for the third party stuff

"Classic characters with a legacy of some sort on Nintendo Platforms..."

You... Actually can argue that Travis has some form of legacy on Nintendo platforms. He's been around since the Wii era (and was loved for his mockery of control schemes on it) and most of the success has been found on Nintendo systems. Wii is what? 10 years old now? He has a technical longer history than Bayonetta.

Mon Mar 12 18 08:54pm
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Yeah, but he pretty much no-showed on the Wii U, was only in two games that barely did well (though the first got a PS3 release) and is just "there" from a developer I only know of because of how much discussion The Silver Case has gotten. Seems that game would be better suited for a rep by name alone, or the Killer7 game he also made, but neither of them were on Nintendo systems. Still, I honestly don't know, I've been following gaming news here and on a few other places for quite a while now, and the only times I've heard of this suda dude was when he announced that game last year, made the Guild eShop game for Level-5, and when The Silver Case came to PS4/Was rumored for switch around launch.

True, Bayo was in the same situation as him (being unknown to most people until she got a hit Nintendo exclusive) but I feel that Travis just simply is a lot harder to warrant stuffing into smash just because the next game (A Spinoff instead of a NMH3) is an exclusive. I know he's a big deal, but I just don't see it happening as much as a 20-30 year old character from the Famicom era, as that's where most of those third party reps come from. Maybe an SSB appearance would change my mind on him though, or if his new game got critical acclaim somehow

Mon Mar 12 18 09:49pm
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Not that I particularly care if Travis gets in or not, but your logic is amazingly broken.

Yeah, but he pretty much no-showed on the Wii U

By that line of thinking, the only characters that should be considered are those that have been around since the NES.

was only in two games that barely did well

What is the relevance of sales data? Super Smash Bros. is a celebration of Nintendo's history for video game enthusiasts, not a financial report for shareholders.

is just "there"

Yes, it's "just there" in the same way everything in the world is "just there." What is this even supposed to mean? I mean, I'm assuming it was supposed to articulate something.

a developer I only know of because of how much discussion The Silver Case has gotten

Fortunately, the world does not revolve around you and your cluelessness.

Seems that game would be better suited for a rep by name alone

Except The Silver Case has *never* been on a Nintendo platform, nor has it been announced for any of Nintendo's platforms.

or the Killer7 game he also made.

Killer7 was not on Wii or Wii U, but it was on the PS2. How in the world does it qualify for a rep over a series that was made specifically for the Wii, is strongly associated with Nintendo, has most of its fanbase on Nintendo platforms, and has a new game coming exclusively to Nintendo's latest system?


Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating for him. I don't see him in there at any time, either.

I was just saying his legacy can be argued for being in Smash.

And that's fair, he would at least make more sense than any random western third party character that people want in just for the sake of being in. (like all those western indies begging for ballot votes back in the Wii U/3DS Smash era... Not so good times) Though I'd dig trophies if they were like Commander Videos, as while I think he's a cool character and not so much a fit for a smash character, I enjoyed the fact he was in the trophies with a neat bio.

I feel like gaming as a whole is blending between the regions now, so this whole "Western Third Parties" argument needs to go soon. A lot of western indie games have actually garnered major success in the recent years with self-publishing and for good reason, these games are GOOD. Hell, even Shovel Knight is seeing some relative success in Japan.

Technically, this really wouldn't rule them out of anything in the long run. Do I believe it would happen? Highly unlikely, but to dismiss their bluster entirely isn't exactly a wise thing to do.

I mean, we're at a level in Smash Bros. where we are literally having a Hipster Pissing Contest over who gets to be in next. Literally the only major, unanimous agreement to deserve a spot was Inklings, and we got it. Now it's who's who of the less than known.

sure he's less known but to be fair he has graced several generations of Nintendo consoles, and is essentially a second party character at this point.

Mon Mar 12 18 09:54pm
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All these awful third party character suggestions annoy the hell out me. Just because a game has late port on Switch DOES NOT make it worthy to be in Smash Bros.

Smash Bros should ONLY be for Nintendo characters, and classic characters with a significant history of having games on Nintendo platforms (and are important to gaming in general). Cloud barely counts since he's essentially a representative of Final Fantasy in general, and I'm willing to give Bayonetta a pass because she was selected by the ballot, and is basically only going to appear on Nintendo platforms from Bayonetta 2 onward.

Keep Undertale and Dark Souls stuff the hell away. It's obviously not going to happen, but I find it outrageous and downright irritating that people are honestly asking for them.

Thank you. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I've actually seen people suggest Undertale characters and Night in The Woods characters. I get that Smash 4 went a bit overboard with the third party, and honestly most of the ones introduced in Smash 4 probably shouldn't come back, especially Cloud and Ryu, but good lord do people lack the common sense to get the very basic fact that SMASH is a celebration of NINTENDO!!!

So no, just because the Crash Trilogy is coming to the switch doesn't mean Crash should be in Smash.

Bomberman, Ryu Haybusa, Billy & Jimmy Lee.

Nah, get Bimmy Lee instead.

Tue Mar 13 18 11:49am
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First cut lucina or corrin from fire emblem and keep Megaman, Pac man, Ryu, Cloud and Bayonetta. If they could bring back Solid Snake that would be GOOD.
New characters, im going with travis touchdown, Ryu Hayabusa from ninja gaiden and a Belmont from Castlevania.

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