Switch firmware update 5.0.0 - video tour

Not too much going on in this update, despite the jump up from 4 to 5. I imagine the next major update will find its way out when Nintendo goes live with their paid online service.

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I think they did not intended to have 5 this soon, but because the hours played bug, they released it like this, I expect the next .1 updates to add more stuff

Was thinking a bit along those lines. It seems rushed. Like they are getting ready for the big hit. Sounds logical. But it could also be wishful thnking from us fans. It's Nintend after all.

Reverse engineers (hackers) are saying this was a very big security update, so I think the being rushed theory has some extra merit to it.

So that's what all the "under the hood" stuff is a ll aboot? Could be. But then again it seems rushed for that reason. But I guess the 5.1 and 5.2 will get new features if that is true.

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