Switch version 5.0.0 includes Joy-Con update as well

I have no idea why Nintendo puts out patch notes for the firmware, but they don't include all the details. I understand some things just don't make sense to share with the public, but things like a Joy-Con update seem like a tidbit worth mentioning! You'll have to visit the Controllers and Sensors section of the Switch's settings to find the update controllers option, and then your Joy-Con update will kick off.

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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Tue Mar 13 18 04:01am
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And this update does exactly what?

Maybe it FINALLY activates the JoyCon light?

It makes them more stable when connected. Duh!

I hope it does something with the connectivity. I still get signal drift less than 5 feet away from the switch....

That was a hardware problem, not software.

I didn't even know the joy-cons could be updated separately haha

Yup. There has been at least one other update for the Joy-Con a few months after Switch launch. Like today's patch, people back then also didn't know what the update did, but people guessed it was to help prevent the disconnect issues. Do you know how to update them or do you need instructions?

I hope that solves a issue that I had when playing ARMS on handheld mode. My left joycon stops being recognized in handheld mode and the games gets crazy because it thinks that I displugged the left joycon of the console.

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