Final Fantasy IV interview

A portion of a Famtisu interview with Producer Tomoya Asano, and Director Takashi Tokita (translated by GameBrink)

F: What was the reason behind your decision to port “Final Fantasy IV” to the Nintendo DS?

Asano: This time I wanted to succeed what we managed to achieve with the DS version of “Final Fantasy III”. Towards the end of FFIII’s development, I could really feel how great the players’ reaction was towards the game so by all means; I wanted to continue the work and discussed it with Tokita.

: Playing the DS version of FFIII, I felt that the hardware managed to achieve both quality and a good atmosphere. It’s because of those factors that I think Final Fantasy III was really well re-made. I thought we could manage another game just as good and interesting if we ported “Final Fantasy IV” in the same style.

F: The logo design has been updated, hasn’t it?

Asano: We really disputed whether to change the logo or not. In the end, we asked Mr. Amano to draw it for us and he came up with something really good.

: I think he managed to create a logo that makes you feel the dramatic side of the game. Mr Amano too is very attached to his FFIV characters. In comparison to the Famicom at the time, the Super Famicom console was what really allowed Mr. Amano to realize his world so he really put in a lot of effort to create them.

: Is the team who was involved with the development of FFIII behind this too?

Full interview here

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