Blossom Tales - 3 months of Switch sales surpasses total Steam sales 20 times over, dev can continue making games

Well that has to be one of the biggest and best success stories on the Switch so far. I cannot believe the Switch version has managed to best the Steam version's total sales 20 times over! Very cool to see the dev behind the game getting to continue his dream job after finding success on Switch.

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It's on my "to buy" list!

Fri Mar 16 18 03:49pm
Rating: 1

I have to tell you it’s not so great, actually.
The dungeon design is poor, and the game made me realize how hard it might be to make a real good Zelda game.
It was a decent game, I had some fun with it, but it’s far from what I could have expected.

Aww that's unfortunate to hear... Was the story good?

Fri Mar 16 18 06:12pm
Rating: 1

Nothing special, though as VirtualFey said, the storytelling was interesting.

What didn’t help me connect with the game world was the fact in-game dialogues were mostly random lines that were shared between most NPCs in the world map. Talking to one guy or another doesn’t change anything, as it just says one of these lines randomly...


I enjoyed the game - it was short but enjoyable and fun to play. The storytelling mechanic of it being a story told to grandchildren by their grandfather was charming.

I would recommend it if you enjoy the 2D Zelda games. Just don’t expect it to be as good or in-depth as a Zelda game.

Would you say it's worth the money it costs?

That’s subjective and I hate when people make an argument of “this game shouldn’t cost X” (not saying that’s what you’re doing, just putting that statement out there)

I didn’t regret paying the price I paid for this game.

Sat Mar 17 18 10:48am
Rating: 1

I agree it's subjective, but so is pretty much any recommendation and review, which is what most people base their purchases on. Thanks for the answer! I might check this out, since it does look interesting

Damn that game took a lot of "inspiration" from Zelda.

If some of the monsters and the whole layout wasn't exactly the same as from my favorite saga, I would be more compelled to buy it.

I'm thinking that if I want to play an oldschool Zelda, why not play the originals instead of this poor copy?

It’s not the “exact same” and not a “poor copy”.

Damn your username took a lot of “inspiration” from Zelda. I’m thinking if I want to read a misguided comment why not have the original Zelda comment instead of you, you poor copy?

Hey man if you liked the game more power to you! I just spoke out what ran through my head while I watched this little trailer lol

The whole layout is exactly the same as in most 2D Zelda titles. Heartcontainers as HP indicator in the top left, underneath the magic bar and on the right the weapons.

There were many enemies that the creators of this game clearly didn't come up with themselves but were clearly copied from Zelda. Just to name two bosses Moldorm and Bongo Bongo both from OOT.

And how could we forget the famous "Tree Lord".. Does it not ring a bell for you?

Good to hear. Hopefully we see more games soon.

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