RUMOR - More evidence of Switch revision surfaces, may include more RAM and new PCB

These posts are always hard for me to do, because I'm an absolute idiot when it comes to this technical stuff. I'll do my best to make a summary that's sensible, and if I mess up some terminology, please feel free to hit me up with corrections.

Recently we saw that dataminers found some interesting info in the latest Switch firmware update. The juiciest tidbit was info that pointed to a revision of the Tegra 210 that the Switch currently uses. Long story short, evidence points to the Switch using the Tegra 214 in an upcoming revision, and this was thought to be in response to a bootrom exploit. It seemed like the story started and ended there, but now we have rumor of even more revision evidence surfacing.

The latest snooping brings out rumors of further revisions in the works for Switch. Supposedly there's information that mentions both a bump in RAM, and a new PCB. The Switch currently has 4GB of RAM, and the revision would double that, making for 8GB total. As for the PCB update, we don't have any concrete info on what it would be upgraded to.

Again, all this is just rumor and speculation right now, based off of datamined info from the latest firmware update. Even if a revision is in the works, it could be something that's for dev units only, and wouldn't make it into retail versions for consumers. Only time will tell, and as I've said before, Nintendo's not usually one to trumpet tech specs of their hardware to the public. If these changes do get implemented, we'll likely find out from consumers opening up their Switch units to see what's under the hood.

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Mon Mar 19 18 02:20am
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I don't really feel like buying a new Switch so soon after getting my current one.

Mon Mar 19 18 01:55am
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I'm fine with it as long as they increase the internal storage and provide a tablet only sku thats a cheaper upgrade option.

I don't see that "tablet-only" thing happening.
Removing the dock means it's not the Switch anymore, and can't be considered a revision of the system, but rather a whole new one.
And they certainly wouldn't sell it for less than the current one when it has more tech inside it, and even with more tech inside, after tasting the original Switch, no one in their right mind would pony up for a "revision" with half its functional and advertised purpose deliberately cut out of it.XD

I think what Allmytee's getting at is that there could be a "fully decked" SKU (bundle) akin to what's already out there, while a "Tablet Only" SKU for those of us who already have all the necessities.

I personally have two docks, two AC adapters, and 5 JoyCon pairs. I would rather not be forced to buy every accessory again just to get the upgraded system, unless all my current accessories just wont work with the revision.

Revision or not, a Tablet Only SKU is only a matter of time, but they have to grow the userbase and ecosystem first.

Mon Mar 19 18 10:12pm
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I don't think a tablet-only SKU is in the cards at all, at least not for the next 7 or so years, if Nintendo's own plans pan out.

It would piss off too many loyal year-one buyers to have a new SKU any year before the 5th, and selling just the screen itself would be confusing to a lot of none-or-new gamers out there, who would buy it and then think that that's all they need to play any of the games.

And unless we've somehow forgotten already, confusing advertisement is what RUINED the Wii U's chances, more than any other factor.

Nintendo learning from those sorts of mistakes is what makes me feel that a tablet-only SKU is not going to happen.
Honestly, my 7-year statement is just me giving it the benefit of a doubt [because Nintendo's been known to make bad decisions before], and as far as my own purely selfish opinion goes, I don't think they'll be doing it at all.

Mon Mar 19 18 05:14am
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Buy a SD card. I don't get why that's hard to do. You can find one cheaper than what Nintendo would sell you

Mon Mar 19 18 07:48am
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Given the extreme pains Nintendo went through to tell all and sundry that the Switch isn't a tablet this isn't a great idea at all.

The most they might go is an sku with controllers but no dock as they could easily market it as the travel focused option. How would anyone market the screen-only option in the first place? You need controllers for over 90% of the games and aesthetically, the screen would look incomplete without the controllers attached.

What he is saying is that it would be good for people who already have a Switch. They already have the dock, they already have the joy-cons. The upgrades would only be in the tablet part, so what would be the point in paying for new joy-cons, dock, and ac adapter? Maybe they could just sell the upgraded tablet online through their website, that would cut out marketing and the chance that uninformed people mistakingly buy it, because we saw how easily confused people can aparently be with the Wii U. I seriously doubt they would do this, but it would be nice for us early adopters.

Think I got what he was saying. I was challenging the idea - ultimately, I strongly believe the time and resources spent on developing and promoting it will not be worth it.

You've already touched on one of the reasons why (and I had a more developed statement on it in an earlier reply) - time spent avoiding misinformation. You could cut out marketing costs in terms of paid communications to customers, but you can't cut out marketing time working out and executing alternate means of communications. Nintendo has much smaller teams compared to Sony and Microsoft so have to choose their areas of focus much more carefully.

Mon Mar 19 18 11:56am
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I could see a tablet-only Switch+ SKU being available, but only through Nintendo's online store. No way would Nintendo risk confusing people by having tablet-only Switch SKUs available at Walmart, especially after that Wii U disaster (everyone thought it was just a super-expensive, unnecessary controller for the standard-definition Wii in the age of HDTVs due to its name).

Mon Mar 19 18 02:15am
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The Switch's 3GB of useable Ram is plenty for the visual fidelity the Switch targets, if anything the Ram is too slow. If the Switch got a bump to 8GB of Ram, even if you doubled the Ram that the OS used the Switch would end up with more useable Ram than the PS4 and Xbox One which have about 5GB available for games. This is a largely pointless addition to the Switch to everyone but lazy developers who can't manage their Ram. Games made to rely on the additional ram would split the userbase much harder than the N64s expansion pack which didn't require the purchase of a new console. the new revision is more than likely an internal revision which aims to both fix security vunlerabilities in the hardware and the reduce production costs to give Nintendo an easy price drop option come this holiday season.

Mon Mar 19 18 02:20am
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I don't really feel like buying a new Switch so soon after getting my current one.

Chances are you won't be. Nintendo hasn't announced anything publicly and stuff like hardware revisions can still takes years to develop. You might not see it until a couple more years assuming this is even for consumers to begin with.

Mon Mar 19 18 02:36am
(Updated 1 time)

I'm personally still unsure, as the text strings also mention a 6GB "Erista".
Erista being the codename for the T210 X1.

So it could be a devkit only thing, or mean nothing, or it could actually mean something is in the works. I certainly worry about the latter case, as I feel it would be very counterproductive to launch a more powerful revision so quickly after the original. It has the risk of alienating and angering early adopters.

Mon Mar 19 18 02:39am
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It would be a bad idea to bring out a more powerful Switch so soon. The damn thing just turned 1 year old. I can't see this doing anything but angering the people who supported it from the start.

Mon Mar 19 18 02:54am
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I'm not sure more RAM would provide much benefit to Switch games. There are more important areas of focus. It would be an odd revision. I'm guessing this has something to do with devkits.

Edit: One of the twitter comments said the Wii U received a similar revision.

I’m gonna go ahead and call this a false rumor. It’s too soon, they’ve learned not to split the market with the new 3ds and its whopping two games that took advantage of it, and the menus don’t exactly need much speed added, not to mention it’s still selling like crazy. If there’s a performance update, it’s a few years away. There will likely just be security and cost saving revisions for now.

For the people saying that it's too soon for a revision, it's worth reminding that the window between the 3DS to 3DS XL to 2DS to New 3DS/XL were all a little more than a year from each other.

And it wasnt until the New 3DS/XL when they started adding games/features exclusive to the latest rendition, BUT the core functions and games still worked across the board. The OG 3DS still works with most games releasing in 2018.

So a Switch revision so soon isnt too outside the realm of possibilities. And while I wouldnt blame folks for feeling a bit upset, I doubt our current Switches will be obsolete with the launch of this new one. They'd also be fools NOT to have a System only SKU at launch.

And what I imagine is that IF the rumors are true, perhaps they're trying to future proof the system for when they start rolling out new features and launch the online service.

While that's true, the New 3DS was the first one to actually upgrade the hardware. The 3DS XL was just bigger and the 2DS just took out the 3D. If they actually come out with a Switch with more RAM this soon, it would be like if the New 3DS launched when the 3DS XL did.

I think they'd be fools to have a system-only sku. They're still expanding the market so spending more money to chase the same customers doesn't meet that objective

That assumes a certain a certain percentage of Switch owners wont double-dip.

I'm not a businessman, but I cant imagine it'd be that expensive or take a lot of resources to do a different SKU. Especially when one of those sets will have less accessories to bundle with it.

Not quite the assumption I'm making. I'm assuming that the appeal of a screen-only SKU will be very low given that the system needs controllers to function.

The resources involved in developing another SKU aren't negligible. Without spending an inordinate amount of research time on this reply:

- Research resources: Time and money spent on finding out whether it's something customers actually want (opinions on the internet only form one information outlet - as a business you'd want several information points confirming or strongly suggesting a certain theory). This is a basic, common step in product management - proving demand is 'real' and there is a genuine need for it in the market.
- Opportunity cost of losing shelf space to other, more profitable SKUs in a time when shelf-space for Nintendo products is still limited compared against Microsoft/Sony.
- Marketing costs: Time spent developing a marketing campaign for the new SKU that, cruicially, must not confuse the public into thinking the Switch is a tablet. Nintendo spent several years insisting it isn't and playing down portability as a key feature. They played up convenience as a key feature instead - a subtle difference maybe, but an incredibly important one to steer the narrative away from 'Nintendo is leaving the console market'.
- Logistics development time costs: Time spent on working out supply and distribution logistics. For every screen-only SKU, you are removing one from a standard SKU that could be sold. The screen is the most expensive part of the Switch and you'll need to figure out how many to produce - when, as a business, you've only just about managed to solve the Switch supply problem. That's not yet considering global component shortage issues that plagued the electronics market (not just the Switch) last year. Remember, you'll need to sort out the logistics with both suppliers and distributors and it's not as simple as ordering more and delivering more (as KFC and DHL discovered).

There'd be several more items to consider that mean it won't be cheap to do a different SKU (as in, it's not just a case of choosing a smaller box and putting the screen in it to sell), but it's beyond the scope of this online reply - it'll probably be a more fully developed article with more research behind it.

Mon Mar 19 18 05:14am
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I highly doubt it, especially so early and supply still not meeting the demand. It would confuse the consumers, shake the faith in the product, and cannibalize some sales.

Switch Pro/New Switch is a given, but not before late 2019.

Mon Mar 19 18 05:17am
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Unless it comes out a few years out from now, it's gonna be a bad idea. People are just starting to mass adopt it, and you are gonna segment it? I'm all for revisions considering they aren't mandatory, but as someone who worked retail with like... 15 different DS line devices, it's hard to explain the difference between them to those who don't actively seeking the information.

All this could mean is the T214 is capabale of supporting up to 8GB of RAM compared to the T210.

The chipsets in the Xbox One and PS4 are capable of supported more RAM than what’s installed.

Nintendo is not going to double the RAM of the Switch unless it becomes a “~NEW~” Switch.

The RAM would be wasted anyways without a significant GPU bump.

In actuality, the Xbox One and PS4 has 8GB of RAM. The increase amount of RAM in Xbox One X and PS4 Pro do not count.

I’m not debating how much RAM those systems have, I know what they have. I’m saying their chipsets can support more than what they shipped with.

I think its too soon, but I would gladly update the Switch. A switch revision would be much beneficial compared to previous revisions.

If that rumor is true, I personally believe that President Kimishima may prove all of us that the Nintendo Switch will become a family of systems. And if the revised version of Nintendo's hybrid platform has 8GB of RAM (same amount as the vanilla PlayStation 4) and includes the Tegra X2, we'll be looking at an improved gaming platform that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As I have pointed out a gabliblion times now: Kimishima is NOT Iwata. I am 100% sure that we will get a beafier Switch 2/New Switch at some point. BUt I also think they will eventually release a powerhouse home only console to fight the competition. Kimishima might not be as aggressive as Yamaguchi was, but e sure knows business! Iwata was mostly a gamer. Great man he was too.

8 Gigs of RAM makes 0 sense on this platform.

Mon Mar 19 18 06:42pm
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Yes you guys are crying all day about performance issues in games on the switch this could possibly help fix that so you guys can play a descent match of 4 on 4 WWE on Switch

Oh, they are going to HAVE to do this in a couple of years to battle it out with the PS5 and Xbox Ching Chong Unga Bunga.

A new PCB? I could see a revision on the Chipset for the increased RAM support at Bios level but the Gpu/Cpu soc upgrade would require a revision to the psu provisions and Tdp heatsink. It's a big enough jump to warrant a new sku if this happens. No way it's dev only.

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