WWE 2K18 - New patch available on Switch, but it doesn't improve much

Good news! WWE 2K18 has gotten another patch on Switch. It's been quite some time since the game received an update. Bad news! It seems the patch doesn't do much of anything to fix the game. I keep hoping that the next update for the game will make a big improvement, and keep getting let down every single time.

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The game was 100% broke with the Switch 5.0 update. This doesn't fix the stuff broken before, but allows it to run once again.

I'm hoping Fire Pro Wrestling comes to the west.

Does people still care about this version? Lets just wait for 2k19 and hooooope to be decent

Tue Mar 20 18 05:14am
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Just... just stop, you can't polish this turd, just make with the appologies and actually put effort in to the next iteration, 'kay?


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