Head of Xbox is still okay with having Banjo and Kazooie appear in Smash Bros.

I want it to happen so bad, but I don't think it will. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has once again said that he's totally fine with Banjo and Kazooie appearing in Smash Bros.. While fans would love to see this, what would Nintendo gain from including the duo in Smash Bros. Switch's roster? They'd be promoting a pair of characters that won't otherwise appear on Nintendo platforms. It's not like a new Banjo-Kazooie game is going to come to Switch. The only reason they'd include the two in Smash would be to make fans happy. I know Nintendo aims to make people smile, but they're a business as well. I don't see this happening, but I really hope I'm wrong!


Tue Mar 20 18 02:57pm
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I’m with you RMC. It would be nostalgic and cool to include Banjo and Kazooie, as well as to see Nintendo and MS continuing to have a nice relationship, but I just don’t see what Nintendo would have to gain from this.

Maybe if their inclusion accompanied BK and Tooie hitting the eShop or something, but other than that, it just seems like free advertising for their “competition.”

Tue Mar 20 18 02:59pm
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Can't sell a brand? Smash Bros. it.

I want a Banjo Kazooie anything on a Nintendo platform because that means RMC uses this picture again. That's pure gold.

Tue Mar 20 18 03:12pm
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After Cloud. Snake and Ryu, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Also, Crash.

Crash is technically 3rd party now. He was originally owned by Sony, but Activision owns him now.

He was never owned by Sony, all Sony originally had was publishing rights, the franchise belonged to Universal Interactive, which eventually turned into Vivendi Universal, which was eventually absorbed by Activision. At no point has Sony ever actually owned Crash.

I was going to say Snake and Cloud as well.

Well Microsoft sure ain't using them for anything so might as well let Nintendo use them. Also doubt if Nintendo would agree to this Sakurai would even add them since he seems to hate Rare developed characters/ideas/music...Sakurai seems pretty Xenophobic when it comes to Smash in general. Diddy Kong is the only western developed character to even hit the series and it took 3 games and Sakurai said it himself the only reason he was added because fans thought it was weird he wasn't there and DK only had 1 rep not because Sakurai wanted him himself...

Tue Mar 20 18 03:23pm
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What the f*uck?

You have the perfect avatar for this. Kudos. :3

Snake was in at a time when the big new MGS sequel was on PS3, Ryu added while PS4 exclusive SFV was being promoted, Cloud added whose game never even came to a Nintendo console and after a remake was announced for...not a Nintendo console.

I don't think company competition is really considered when making a Smash roster. And with Nintendo being so lenient with cross platform play (the Rocket League eShop page literally says "play with people on Xbox One" instead of hiding the existence of it under the guise of "play with people on other systems" as I expected it would have), I think that when they say they don't consider themselves in the same race as Sony or Microsoft they actually mean it- it's not just talk. I can't see why they'd have an issue with this besides deciding whether they would be a good fit or not.

And they definitely would be. They were Nintendo characters for a time and are still synonymous with the N64. Diddy as the reminder of the time that Rare was one of Nintendo's staple developers doesn't do the original team enough justice.

Tue Mar 20 18 06:27pm
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NGC had Metal Gear Soild Twin Snake (Kojima wanted Snake in Melee, but he asked to late to including Snake and 3DS had Metal Gear 3D Snake Eater),
3DS had Super Street Fighter 4 3D (We maybe would have got Ultra Street Fighter 4 if the Wii U had sold more) and
GBA had Kingdom Heart Chain of Memory with Cloud as part of the story.(he was also in Final Fantasy Explorers)

So all those guest characters were part of Nintendo history before and around when they were in Smash, so having Banjo-Kazooie would be logical and illogical at the same time if aren’t part of another Nintendo game except the old GBA Banjo-Kazooie Grunty’s Revenge and Banjo-Pilot

Not my point. To say nothing about how weak those ties to Nintendo are, my point is the inclusion of those characters were timed around promotion of games that weren't/aren't coming to Nintendo platforms. So if they don't include Banjo Kazooie because doing so supports a "rival" platform holder, they don't have a leg to stand on considering past guest characters (in particular Snake and Cloud) effectively advertise games they're featured in that can only be played on other consoles.

Tue Mar 20 18 03:30pm
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It would be DLC at best. So money for all, and everyone likes money.

I hadn’t thought of that. Including them as DLC would probably make a partnership more beneficial for both sides.

Also you have to take into consideration that the roster is in all likelihood already decided for launch. If the game is coming out this year then there isn't time for brand new characters to be developed from scratch, except maybe clones.

Well, we've yet to "gain" from Cloud if you (by which I mean 'me') wanna be pedantic. I was really hoping for a port of FF7 on Wii U to let bygones be bygones... :/

But as folks have said. Anything's possible now, there's no rules anymore.

When Melee was out I would have loved them in the game. But after that car/kart platformer i am good with them never being in smash. I still have to beat that game. I got it a few years ago played an hour or two of it and forgot to go back. Maybe I will play that again. Probably will be the last new banjo game.

It is sad they don’t want to make new games with rare ip they have.

It's easy to give the thumbs-up on using IPs you didn't have an inch of a contribution towards its creation and/or sustainement under the original team...

Remember how Konami badly treated Hudsonsoft and the Bomberman series prior to the Switch launch title? Anyone?

This will absolutely NEVER happen. Nice illustration though ^^

I don't know what people expect Phil Spencer to say, asking this all the time. "No, I would hate for them to be in Smash Bros"

I'd expect him not to reply if he wasn't on board.

Tue Mar 20 18 05:32pm
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maybe I will buy a switch then (for nintendo to finally get some of my money :D)

hope that helped

Yep. For money

Fixed Phils tweet.

I'd rather Cuphead come to Smash.

Cloud was in Smash, but never in a game on the Nintendo Consoles....and really, dont count the Kingdom Heart side games...dont think he played a big part...but am not sure on that...least Banjo and Kazooie were on two Nintendo games....as characters you played as.

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