Nintendo reveals top 10 best-selling Switch eShop indie titles

Nintendo hosted a Nindies event at GDC earlier today, and Damon Baker was on-hand to present some information. Among the details discussed were the top 10 Switch eShop indie titles. You can see the list below, but it is presented in no particular order. All of these titles are in the top 10, but Nintendo didn't say where in the top 10 each title falls.

SteamWorld Dig 2
Stardew Valley
Fast RMX
Golf Story
Enter the Gungeon
Overcooked Special Edition
NBA Playgrounds
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

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Tue Mar 20 18 04:13pm
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Wrong, Top 10 best-selling "Indie" (!!!!!) titles, not best selling eShop titles.

Unless he edited the post, he does specific indie a couple of times

The only game that feels missing here, i.e. not getting enough love, is Thumper. I doubt that many Switch owners played its initial VR release. And it's one of the best rhythm games I've ever played

Tue Mar 20 18 05:00pm
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Very happy to see a lot of those games in the Top 10, but I’m the most excited for Steamworld Dig 2.

I love those guys. They keep their promises and continue to stay engaged with the Nintendo audience. I hope every game I&F puts out is more successful than the last!

At first I thought it was in order and I was like no way Stardew Valley isn't number 1.

I’m surprised Rocket League isn’t on this list, as it’s been in the Best Sellers section ever since it released.

Same here. I just can't believe Rocket League isn't up there...unless for some reason they don't consider Rocket League to be an "indie" title any longer, with how big its gotten? Its a GREAT game...and spends a lot of time up on the best sellers list in the eShop.

Very happy to see Fast RMX doing well. I've always thought it was an overlooked and underrated Switch title.

I can't believe that Blaster Master Zero isn't there on the list...oh well.


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