Flip Wars developer files for bankruptcy

OVER FENCE has announced some very sad news. The devs most recently behind Flip Wars on Switch have revealed that they've filed for bankruptcy. The company has a total debt of $1.9 milllion. No word on what will happen with the company after the filings proceed.

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Thu Mar 22 18 08:52am
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I wonder if Flip Wars will be delisted?
It's what normally happens in these cases, and with no warning.
While Nintendo is the publisher in the west, Over Fence is listed as the
publisher in Japan, even though it seems to be a general eshop release across all regions.
It may be a good idea to get it now if you ever planned to.

Nintendo or some other company will probably take the rights to the game.

When you read the source, it says that former Hudson soft employees formed Over Fence.

Hmm....now why do I get the feeling that somehow Konami is responsible for this?

Thu Mar 22 18 01:20pm
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I hate that I think Nintendo influenced Flop Wars to be a worse game than it could have been.

What changes did Nintendo’s involvement bring?

Feel sad for the people losing their jobs but I'm not gonna lie I just started laughing when I saw the title. Flip Wars is a VERY mediocre game.

Seems the source got it wrong as the original article states "For 56 creditors, the total debt is about 200 million yen" which is about $1.9 million. (Sent a "Fix this story" for this already.)


Damned. That's really sad. Sad

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