Nintendo says indie games are important to their company, will stay dedicated to supporting them

Nintendo has come a very long way since WiiWare and the DSi shop. It might have been a slow burn, but Nintendo has definitely learned a thing or two about digital storefronts, as well as interacting with indie devs. All that work lead up to this point, where the Switch is kicking butt and indies are finding big success. Nintendo's Damon Baker acknowledged the hard work it took to get to this point, and also made sure to point out that Nintendo's work with indies is an important relationship moving forward.

“All of these things have been a work in progress to create an environment that’s much easier to navigate and it’s really been resonating with the indie community. ...It’s important to the company. This is a long-term play.”

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What I'd love to sayabout this but I know people will take offence regardless. Of course Nintendo will rely on Indies, 3rd parties aren't exactly lining up to make new games that's for sure. And Indies have a far better chance of recognitionand success on the Switch eShop than being being swamped and forgotten almost instantaneously on Steam.

I agree with you.
It's nice to have all this indie support, but I'd like Nintendo to go out of their way to attract bigger 3rd party devs as well. You can certainly have both, as PS3 and PS4 proves.

Really hope Shovel Knight makes it in to the new Smash as a kudos to the Nintendo indie scene. Not impossible to think of an indie character being in there, they let a Commander Video trophy in so why not a playable character?

I'd be very disappointed if that happens.

That's the first time I hear this opinion. Why exactly would you be disappointed?

Fri Mar 23 18 01:47am
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Can't speak for him, but if we're talking exclusively indie characters, I know I for one would rather have a different character than Shovel Knight...

Don't get me wrong, I played the game and loved it, and I think Shovel Knight could be an interesting inclusion in Smash... but one game does not make a legacy; Shovel Knight could remain a one-hit wonder... or worse, get sequels that never come to a Nintendo platform... and there are characters who have been around much longer, with many more games to their name, that in my opinion are more deserving of spot in Smash... for me personally, that character would be Shantae.

Ah, I see. That makes sense. Yeah, I definitely would prefer Shantae over Shovel Knight. But sadly, fact of the matter is that Shovel Knight is more popular, and it even got an Amiibo already


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