Nintendo Italy causes Donkey Kong Country speculation with a social media post

Oh boy, here we go. Whoever's running Nintendo Italy's social media accounts is causing a lot of speculation today. The text in the image above translates roughly into "good things come in threes," "there's no two without three," or "never two without three." As you know, there were three original Donkey Kong Country games. With the new series, there was Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. That would make two entries...so could a third be on the way?


look into your hearts lol you know it's true

also remake before the sequel is how they did it so ...

Reactions would be interesting if Retro really is making a third DK game.

Thu Mar 29 18 06:49pm
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Is it Instagram? Why can’t I access the actual link? Has it been removed now?

That looks like instagram's "story", as in a temporary image that is designed to disappear in a day or so. Either it's gone by itself or it was removed by the poster.

I dont recall if it was earlier this year, but didnt Reggie do a tease like the metroid one last yea(before mp4 was announced), but this year regarding donkey kong?
If it's another DK game by retro studios.
I wonder how they are gonna beat Tropical freeze, which already is the best platformer ever, I can tell we get another playable char that they added in freeze, at least!

Hmm, would they really reveal a new DKC so close to the re-release of Tropical Freeze? As much as I'd love a new game announcement, wouldn't the announcement of a third game take away some of TF's thunder?

Tropical Freeze was originally announced just a couple of weeks (June 11) after the release of Country Return 3D (May 24).

Dixie Kong for smash Smile

Thu Mar 29 18 07:45pm
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IT'S HAPPENING!!!! Donkey Kong Country: Return of the Kremlings! GET HYPED BOYS!!! Announced at E3 with a trailer for K.Rool and Dixie Kong in Smash!

Edit: Oh and a DK amiibo line with Dixie, Cranky, Funky, and K.Rool figures announced. Also as an added bonus Mario x Rabbids DK DLC details. 2018 year of DONKEY KONG (and Octolings).

Please don't play with my heart :'(

Well it is the evil king HIMSELF that is talking

I would love a third DKC game for switch!

but somehow I doubt that 's what they meant -_-

They’re referring to how King K. Rool will be the 3rd DK character in Smash.

dany targaryen
Thu Mar 29 18 08:33pm
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Would make sense..but why exactly does it take 4 years, just to make a 2D platformer?

Even Metroid Prime, which was an incredible free roaming game, only really took about a year and a half. They're over-doing it with DKC I think, if this is true.

It's plausible but I doubt it is made by Retro because I don't think they would be silent for so long and take so long just to announce another DK game. Then again I remember Miyamoto saying quite awhile back that he thought Retro was in a place where they could start handling multiple projects at once. When nothing seemed to come of it I thought maybe he spoke too soon but maybe we are seeing it now.

OR, they are teasing a third platform for Tropical Freeze... and it'll also release for 3DS. :P

Please God no. Unless it's not retro. If it's not retro I don't care if it is then I'll buy it and like it but wish it was something else.

Don't forget that Retro is supposedly big enough now to support multiple projects.

This humors me.

Literally everyone is upset Retro wasn't on Prime 4 and hopes the rumors of a 2D Metroid has been with Retro development. And in the same breath damn anything DK from them in spite of TF being incredibly well received.

In two minds on this...

Tropical Freeze is one of my favourite platformers of all time, definitely the best DKC and up there with top games on Wii U. It's amazing. So a third Retro DKC should be exciting to me but...I just don't want them on that. I'll definitely take another if that's what they're working on but they're too creative a studio to be stuck to a franchise for a trilogy before they can move on. I was fine with a third Prime since it felt like that series deserved a conclusion for the story they setup but DKC doesn't have that same need.

I would be happy to see another developer take on DKC. Plenty of developers who could do it justice, maybe not to the Retro standards but still. Honestly though I'd rather see a new 3D DK game. 2D platformers are great but we have so many of them, from both Nintendo and indies. The 3D platformer revival hasn't seen too many great games outside of Odyssey and maybe A Hat in Time, I wish Nintendo would tackle that more.

Shouldn't it be "There's no Three without Two?"

5 years for a new 2D Platformer and a port of another 2D Platformer...great jorb, Nintendo. Great jorb.

Can't use that time on a franchise already dead, remember?

I'll be very happy with another DK Country, especially if Retro is behind it. And also because I know there is a metroid prime 4 coming. I'm always down for a good platformer, and Tropical Freeze was amazing!

It's just a stupid joke with those 3 bananas on the table.


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