Level-5 CEO says all major titles going forward will be on Switch, announces Level-5 Vision 2018 event for the Fall

Nikkei Trendy had an interview with Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino, and he had all sorts of interesting things to say. You can see a breakdown of the interview below.

On Switch support

“Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch. The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch.”

On The Snack World: Trejarers Gold coming to Switch

- the franchise faced various struggles
- the timing of the video game’s release date was dicey
- the anime progression was rough, and it didn’t feel like a year was enough time to prepare
- the toys sell really well
- Hino feels if they developed just a little quicker, they could have rode that boom
- “The Switch version due out in April is quite good, so I would like to make another effort.”
- hoping to properly announce a completely new title for Level-5's 20th anniversary
- would like to properly thank everyone who worked with Level-5 so far
- a goal is to further strengthen relationships with those people
- Level-5 Vision 2018 will be held in the fall


I'd love to have a Fantasy Life sequel, and to see The Snack World localised. FL had a great atmosphere but poor game design, so I hope they improve upon that in a sequel.

There already is a sequel. Unfortunately it's smartphone exclusive...

Did that ever come out, though? It is very much watered-down compared to the original.

Fri Mar 30 18 04:47pm
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Upon further research, it seems it hasn't been released yet, no. It's also been renamed Fantasy Life Online, so I guess a "proper" sequel could still show up eventually...

So they're obviously still working on it. This is my least favourite thing about L5, they ruin some of their games with mobile versions.

Fri Mar 30 18 08:55am
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How about both Ni No Kuni games on Switch?

I'd be down with this, especially the first one. Got tired of grinding on all the side quests on the PS3, but I think that would be more manageable on shorter burts etc. One of those games that would fit the Switch. Also, the series began its life on DS, so I'm sure it would be a welcome move.

Fri Mar 30 18 10:51am
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Hell yeah. Imo, if you're making an rpg, or any game that requires a lot of grinding, and you're not putting it on the Switch that can be played anytime anywhere, you're just throwing away money.

Fri Mar 30 18 10:11am
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I feel like this helps solidify that there will be no 3DS successor, because if so, Level 5 would have been one of the first to pick up that kit early. Granted, I don’t expect Hino to say whether or not he’s working with a 3DS successor, but I’m surprised how upfront Level 5 is with moving to Switch.

Also, it’s just great to hear a major 3rd Party team that is confident in Switch for once and can deliver a product that shows it

3DS or Switch, I don't care, just give me Yo-kai Watch 3 already!

I wonder if that's what they are holding out on it for.

No real great surprise there. They've always focused on Nintendo handhelds so the Switch is no different.

Fri Mar 30 18 10:53am
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Love this news! Level 5 is one of the best developers out there.

How about bringing back professor Layton the way it used to be?

I'm not sure that's an option. They were very clear after the 6th game that they were done with Professor Layton's story. That it's finished

I don't believe in that. They can continue from using Luke onwards for the main games.

It's like saying Metroid can't happen because fusion sums up the plot.

Also when I say back to what it used to be, I am referring to various things like well written plots, great puzzles, the works.

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