Chicken Wiggle Workshop Kickstarter officially funded

Chicken Wiggle Workshop had a $30k funding goal to bring the game to Switch, and just moments ago, the Kickstarter hit its mark with 4 days to go. Now the game is officially heading the Switch's way, and there's still time to hit some stretch goals! So happy to see this one become a success.

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Glad I helped by backing this the other day. Smile looking forward to playing it!

Fantastic! This game is terrific and I have a feeling that the Switch is exactly the second chance it needs.

I backed this as well. Love Jools and his work. I still feel that the game's name is holding it back from wider success, but the game itself is excellent.

Backed this project after hearing about it on the Podcast! Really grateful to RMC for tipping me off to it! Hoping it reaches those great stretch goals now!

I'm considering upping my pledge to hopefully make one of those stretch goals a reality. I'd love new official levels in the game, but I don't think it's gonna scrounge up 10k in four days. Sad 5k seems doable, though! I'd love to hear Kirkhope's take on the Under Construction theme. :D

I'm not really interested in this game but I like Jools so I'll throw some coin his way.

That's good news and I'm sure RMC's public backing of the Kickstarter helped.

I'd rather, and did, back Cult County.

Very happy about this news! Congrats Jools and Co.


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