Nintendo Labo - New details and gameplay mechanics for multiple Toy-Con

The following info comes from a Game Informer hands-on feature.

- with the RC Car, you can set up special IR markers for the car to chase
- with the fishing game, you can keep the fish you catch in an aquarium
- with the house Toy-Con, you feed different cardboard pieces into slots on the sides of the house
- with the house Toy-Con, slotting in two pieces connected by stream creates a portal to send things from one side to the other
- with the house Toy-Con, using the button-shaped piec activates a mine cart mini-game where you push the button to jump
- with the piano Toy-Con, you can rotate pieces to bend pitch, and press a record button to save your compositions
- the piano Toy-Con has an acoustic mode that lets you press keys to make the Joy-Con vibrate at different pitches

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I'm not sure, but none of this actually seems like new details

Yep, these were all known.

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