Nintendo talks consumer reaction to Switch, importance of Zelda at launch, sales in the Americas, shipments, online, & more

The following info comes from a Game Informer interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

- when Reggie first saw the Switch, he thought it would provide experiences never seen before
- Nintendo is truly appreciative of how fans have reacted to Switch thus far, and says Nintendo is "only getting started"
- Reggie says if was "critically important" to have a strong Nintendo IP at launch, which was Zelda: Breath of the Wild
- Reggie says he saw the Switch's power to transform how people play when he saw another passenger on a flight playing Switch
- Switch sales in 2017 were at 5.94 million in the Americas alone
- Reggie says Nintendo was able to increase Switch shipments toward the end of 2017, and they continue to have ample supplies
- Reggie says Switch has both quality/quality in terms of third party support, and companies are embracing the unique features
- Reggie says Nintendo is looking forward to providing a "robust online experience" for Switch users with Switch Online this Sept.

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Wed Apr 04 18 06:57pm
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Let's hope the last point will be true because I'll need a lot of convincing to pay for online as I don't do online multiplayer that much.

That's great, Reggie, but what about Smash?

What on Earth do you mean? Just wait for E3. It's cool that we got a tease in March. All will be revealed soon.

Wed Apr 04 18 10:29pm
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Who are you hoping to see make the roster this time around?

Samus from Other M 😜

You scoundrel! You must've been around back in the old GN days I take it haha.

Wed Apr 04 18 06:57pm
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Let's hope the last point will be true because I'll need a lot of convincing to pay for online as I don't do online multiplayer that much.

The game subscription alone will be worth $20 a year.

Wed Apr 04 18 09:22pm
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That's a bit of a tough sell since people were able to buy classic games for a set price instead of through a subscription model

If you think about it, that $20/year is the same as buying 4 NES VC games. If you can get a fifth vc game, you are already saving. So, it's not a bad deal. My worry is that, once the subscription expires, you lose those games.

I also worry that you lose them, but according to FullmetalNinja, you keep them. But even then, I don't think you get to pick which games you get, so you better like the ones you're given, or else it's still a waste

Fri Apr 06 18 03:43am
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I think it was only confirmed that you don't lose your games after one month. Because the original plan of Nintendo was, that you get one game every month and you don't have access to that game the month after.

I still think you will loose the game after your subscription expires. And that will be the reason i am not interested in a subscription system like the Nintendo Online system.

That's a good point. Losing your games after the subscription ends only makes sense if you already have a huge library you can freely use, kind of like Netflix and such. But if it's just a few games per month, it doesn't seem worth it

I really hope "robust" online features aren't just Virtual Console, Voice Chat (through the phone app), and Netflix. But knowing Nintendo that's probably what they mean. Wish they would hurry up and reveal the online service. Shit is annoying as hell waiting almost 2 years into a consoles life just to message someone on your friends list.

Wed Apr 04 18 09:57pm
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Let's give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, OK? I mean, seriously. Things have, and are, changing in the company.

More aggressive advertising, listening to third parties and getting more of their support (that RAM thing was SO needed) and delaying the paid online which means they are actually working on it to make it good.

I can see Nintendo learning from past mistakes, and Kimishima is a different president than Iwata was.

Not saying they will NOT do silly things and they will be Nintendo, but the business is more brutal these days it seems (just look at the "fall" of xbox")

But I do agree on your points, though. They have to fix those issues. VC is a given, I think. It's their thing- The very negative feedback from the mobile app idiocy chat thing should be a good enough hint for them, for sure.

Hope they do NOT use time at E3 for that stuf, but rather have a Direct before that explaining it all and focus and them good games at E3 (Damn that Eternal Darkness from Retro should be shown by now hehe).... Oh and Bayonetta 3 <3

I agree. They really have made a significant improvement compared to last gen. The marketing for the Wii u was so bad that they weren't even trying. Doesn't mean the Wii u was bad because it has great games. Just saying.

That said, they still have things to do like vc for example. And we need more games for the switch.

The VC IS coming and we all know that. It's a mountain of gold for them. But will it be locked to the paid service or not? I can imagine normal VC without the Switch online department and the upgraded stuff for it.

And games? The system is but one year old and just out to get out of the disaster of the Wii U (Yea, I also do love the Wii U. Not just the games, but some of the features if done well), so ports is an obvious way to get more games to the system while more original games are bound to happen. We already know of gems like Octopath, Pokemon and Baoyonetta 3 and we all know Retro and other developers are hard at work. Nintendo have done a fantastic job with the first year, and I do NOT think they will stop now. But things do take time.

Of course! Nintendo can screw up everything and drop the Switch tomowrow, but I just can't see a reason why ;)

Will this "robust online experience" still include flipping Friend Codes?

I have around 30 friends on Switch and I used "Friend codes" for none of them. They all came from Twitter, Friends on mobile games and friends on WiiU and 3DS.

Thu Apr 05 18 12:07am
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I used friend codes for all my friends because I enjoy how stupid it is.

For me, it was a mix of mobile games and Friend Codes. But really, the friend codes this time around aren't too bad. They're pretty short, and you can take a quick screenshot of your friend code to send to your friend through whatever medium you use.
And it helps that the Switch interface is actually smooth, fast and responsive. Inputting the friend codes on other Nintendo consoles was a bit of a chore because you had to wait every step of the way. But not this time around

What was the last Nintendo system you owned?

I have owned pretty much every Nintendo system aside from VB and handheld redesigns (like DS Lite, 3DS XL, etc.), which includes the Wii U and the Switch.

Yes, the Switch's FC system is better than the Wii's. Mainly because it allows you to add friends in other ways. However, it still shouldn't be there. With the Wii U they had moved away from Friend Codes to a gamer tag system. I have no clue why in the world they backtracked from that.

" Reggie says Nintendo is looking forward to providing a "robust online experience" for Switch users with Switch Online this Sept."

Then let me message my damn friends like I could on Wii U from day one. Or a virtual console to stop the street fighter knockoffs from being the majority of the retro options

Thu Apr 05 18 03:16am
Rating: 1

And still no word on cloud saving or at least sd card backups.

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