Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will feature story-focused "adventure mode" sequences

As with any Suda51 game, there's more going on than what you see. In this case, we learn that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has some other content tucked away that hasn't been part of any public demo. Suda51 sat down with our friends at Dtoid to share some details.

- will feature story-focused "adventure mode" sequences
- these take place outside of the action stages
- these will feature both Travis Touchdown and his rival Badman
- the sequences focus on their efforts to search the real world for more games to bring back to their Death Drive Mark 2 console
- only by finding these games will Travis and Badman be able to enter another action level a
- the story will be "completely different" depending on which of the two you're playing as
- Suda51 wants to ask Silver Case collaborator Masahi Ooka to help him write the story sequences for these parts
- Mr. Ooka actually didn't know Suda51 wanted to work with him on these features until this very interview took place
- Suda51's loose plan is to write Travis's narrative himself, and to ask Ooka to write Badman's side


I heard Suda51 speaking about this on the most recent Nintendo Power Podcast, he had lots of interesting things to say but my favourite part was when he said his wish(es) would be to make a Zelda and a Mario game! How funny would that be?

I like this guys pioneer spirit, he seems to go through making the game unabashedly and with a resolve to try new things.

I hope all this comes together in the end, because all this news about the game feels like Suda's flying by the seat of his pants.

Considering how complex game development can be, this could end really amazingly or very terribly.

He's always like this, and yeah, he made GREAT games, but some fell flat.

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