Funimation working on a Switch app

Now here's some awesome news. Funimation has revealed that they're bringing an app to the Switch! No word on when it'll release, but the app will let you stream all the anime you can stand. Great to hear that another streaming content app is on the way to Switch. Perhaps others aren't far behind!

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Have people really been using the Hulu app? I haven't heard about it since it launched.

Nice! That’s half my PS4’s use out the window now lol.

Fri Apr 06 18 06:30pm
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C'mon Crunchyroll, Netflix, and maybe even Hidive.

When Crunchy and Netflix come to Switch, I'll finally be able to bring my Wii U back into my room. :3
They are the only things I use my Wii U for.
And the fact Funimation work with Crunchyroll now, that up the chances that they are working on it too.

I don't subscribe to Funimation, but do subscribe to Cruncyroll, so please put that app on Switch Nintendo… Also Amazon Prime. Thank you!


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