Japan - Breakdown of Nintendo's hardware/software sales in 2017

- 25,267,790 video games were sold across all console platforms
- out of 25 million, Nintendo contributed the highest number of video games at 64.7%
- 3DS is responsible for 36.1% of the software market, Switch sits at 28.5%, and Wii U at 1.1%
- Sony took home 34.2% (PS4 at 28.8%, PS3 at 0.6%, and PS Vita at 4.8%), while Microsoft’s Xbox One had 0.1%
- out of 5,820,031 video game hardware moved in Japan, 72.7% were Nintendo consoles
- Switch led the hardware charts at 50.4%, followed by the 2DS family at 12.2%, 3DS family at 10%, and finally Wii U at 0.1%
- Sony had a 27.3% market share (PS4 at 23.7%, PS3 at 0.1%, and PS Vita at 3.5%)
- Microsoft’s Xbox One had 0.1% share of the market

Categories: Consoles, Portables
Tags: 3ds, eshop, wii-u, switch


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