Sushi Striker - A few more gameplay details

We've already covered a lot of info on Sushi Striker, but thanks to some hands-on at PAX East, a new wave of tidbits has been revealed. In this post, we'll cover info that we haven't already covered in recent weeks.

- up to 50 unlockable characters
- each one has special abilities that can be activated once you have created enough combos
- Jinrai is a young ninja, and his special ability is Sushi Bonanza
- this ability changes all the dishes to the same color
- campaign has around 150 missions in total
- there's a light story element to the gameplay
- includes bosses and animated scenes

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Sat Apr 07 18 04:27pm
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Game is not even out and people already want Jinrai for Smash.

Going to admit though, mildly amused by the prospect of someone breaking plates off on Mario.

Game is not even out and people already want Jinrai for Smash.

That's usually how it is with characters from games that are current... like how everyone wanted Zant when Twilight Princess came out, then Ghirahim when we were at Skyward Sword, now people are talking about the four guardians since BotW is the current Zelda game... tends to work with new characters from new franchises too...

The issue is those games were OUT when the next Smash was announced. This isn't even out, even Dillon had requests post release.

I would love him in Smash


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