Splatoon 2 datamining finds future Salmon Run gear rewards

I'm sure some people will consider this spoiler, as it's datamined content and not officially revealed. I'll share after the jump just to keep this stuff a secret for those who want to be surprised.

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Well I need the cap, so I can be Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Oooh, sweet, I was really missing my Cuttlefish Cap. :3

Salmon Run is amazing and I love it, but, I feel I really need some new enemies in it.

Give me a big update with, like, 3 new Bosses, 1 new standard enemy with the three others, two new maps, 3 new events, and it'll last me a loooong time. ^^

I'm good with its enemies but it really needs new maps. It's stuck on 4 this far after release, with the amount of player traffic that mode gets? Meanwhile there's 18 VS maps, plus 2 more on the way, plus all the unique Shifty Station maps there's been from every Splatfest.

More Maps is of course very good as well. I'd guess that maybe the mode is much more popular than they expected, and they most likely decided to make extra content for it, at least when it comes to maps, so it'd take a while for us to actually get that new content. Just assuming, of course. But I do see at least one or two more maps for it before it is all done. I could even see them, if they get up to 6 Maps, have a 2-Map per Session, as a nice change for it. ^^ Also just assuming, of course.

Either way, I want new stuff for Salmon Run!

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