NIS America says Sony is not friendly with small publishers like Nintendo is, Switch versions of NIS games outsell PS4 2-to-1

Want to see a publisher that's not afraid to speak their mind? In an with Issuu, NIS America president Takuro Yamashita talked about the company's Switch support, as well as how Nintendo compares to Sony and the PS4. Some very strong words were shared.

“We’re starting to do more on Nintendo Switch. SNK Heroines is not the only one. They support us in a good way. Compared to that, Sony is not friendly with small publishers like us. They just care about big Japanese companies. Also, if we simultaneously release a Switch version and a PS4 version of the same title, currently the sales trend is two to one. That means the Switch version sells twice as much as the PS4 version. Physically and digitally. A lot of PS4 titles are coming up, so the market is very competitive. Compared to that, the Switch market still has lots of room for publishers to make money.”


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Sun Apr 08 18 10:48am
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You don’t speak for other people. It’s just as arrogant to say that people only buy Nintendo systems for Mario and Zelda.

Great news for the Switch

NISA deserves it, they're really strong on Switch and even porting YS VIII on it and that's a game I really wanted so I'm grateful.

I hope they can port the Trails of Cold Steel games on Switch as well Smile

And to think that Nintendo and Sony once worked together....

Sun Apr 08 18 09:08am
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It is very unusual for a publisher to come out and say stuff like this publicly,
this is almost like burning bridges.

Sun Apr 08 18 09:16am
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Indeed it is odd. Maybe they had some hiccups with Sony and are just real pissed? This truly can burn bridges, but can strengthen the relationship with Nintendo at the same time.

Another part of the interview on Nintendo Everything's article states that originally SNK Heroines was originally signed for just PS4 but after SNK and NIS America had separate meetings with NOE, they cancelled that contact and made a new one. Now it's physical exclusive on Switch and digital only on PS4.

Sun Apr 08 18 10:42am
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Wow. I did not see that boulder coming (the NOE part is a wow).

Thanks for the info, Tri.

EDIT: Yeah, I am getting SNK Heroines Smile

Sun Apr 08 18 10:48am
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It's not truly digital only on PS4. They can get the collector's edition that contains the physical version. But yeah, it's going to be a rare game since there is no regular physical version.

I think has more so to do with the fact that PS4 owners aren't interested in niche games as you can see with a lot of the games that Sony promotes nowadays and how Sony treated the Vita in the west. To the point where a lot of Japanese, Indie and Smaller Publishers are trying to find success but Sony isn't giving them a chance to grow because Sony favor bigger publishers than smaller one.

I mean think about. Sony is known to only care about things that brings them money. Once something no longer bring them money they drop it instantly. Not only that Nintendo gamers are more into Japanese games so sales for Japanese games will always be growing and better. And since Nintendo is paying to help SNK and NIS with their games.

It's better for them. To see it all just go on the Switch eShop vs PS4 PSN. Sony only put popular, trending and hot games up front and all the others you have to search deep in the store. Whereas for Switch eShop you can just find it easily.

Sun Apr 08 18 10:46am
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Things are maybe easy to find on the Switch eShop in the first few weeks they’re out, but after that they get lost. The eShop is set up terribly and it’s startinng to become a glut of indie games.

Didn't Nintendo say they were working on a solution for that?

I certainly hope so. But right now it is what it is. I have faith they’ll improve it because honestly they have to.

Can't remember when, but they straight said they know about the issue and are working on it. On my phone and out traveling, so not in my search mode just now.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to look it up. I believe you.

They said it during GDC

Ah, yes. Thanks, Shoey Smile

Sony is salty... wait ew no... it is bitter! Gross! Nintendo is like Gryffindor (correct my spelling please) and Sony is Slytherin. If I’m confused or crazy, let me know. Lol

I don’t know about crazy or confused. Maybe a Harry Potter fanboy (or fan girl, I dunno).

But I’m not judging. I’m the dork who has the sword of Godric Gryffindor hanging in his guest room.

Lol it was just a theory. Lol 😂

Sun Apr 08 18 12:52pm
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I see Nintendo more as Hufflepuff, they do good at their own pace. :3
(I'm Hufflepuff)

Yeah, I see your point. Smile

I am just going to keep saying it, PS4 is the CoD and Fifa Machine this gen. That is the only reason people buy it. There is a reason all the high profile games on Ps4 struggle to break 2 million. With only a few exceptions.

Sun Apr 08 18 10:47am
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Thoight the XO was the CoD and Fifa machine.

PS4 is the CoD and Fifa machine with great exclusives on top.

Edit: I got the XO for Scalebound alone... -_-

I got the XO for Scalebound alone... -_-

Ouch. That's gotta sting.

Oh it stings like if it was a Japanese hornet.

Sun Apr 08 18 10:48am
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You don’t speak for other people. It’s just as arrogant to say that people only buy Nintendo systems for Mario and Zelda.

There is some truth in every stereotype, Nintendo fans only do buy Nintendo games when that is the only company putting out worthwhile games. That isn't the case with the Switch so other games are doing well.

Like I said there is a reason even the high profile games flounder for sales on PS4. The people who own them only want to play CoD and FIFA. Uncharted 4 has "only" sold around 7 million units to my knowledge, which is only a 10% attach rate. Thats abysmal. Besides that why would Activision give PS4 the first crack at CoD DLC if it wasn't where most of their audience is? People aren't going to buy an Xbox and a PS4 to play CoD.

In the past Sony was THE place for these games. But it ebbs and flows, so right now that isn't the case. But that could change down the line. I doubt Sony cares as long as they can keep selling consoles.


Things change. PS4 isn't the same console as PS2. The Switch isn't the Wii U. Deal with it.

Sun Apr 08 18 11:11am
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Your numbers are wrong. Uncharted 4 sold 8.7 million in 2016 alone.

Sun Apr 08 18 03:03pm
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Whatever it is that you're trying to say, 1st party exclusives sell better on Nintendo consoles than any other system. Go and look up 1st/2nd party million sellers on ps4, Xbox and WiiU. WiiU didn't do well but up until it's death, it had more million sellers than ps4 and Xbox. Which kinda makes you think who's really buying ps4 cos it doesn't look like it's for exclusives.

Uncharted is Sony's best selling game on ps4 but when you compare it to the amount of ps4 consoles out there then it's not impressive. Everyone says Sony has better exclusives than MS, which is true, but those exclusives don't break sales records. A look at the top 10 selling games on any chart really tells the story. It reads like a stereotypical gamers paradise:

1. GTA
2. COD
4. Maybe a Nintendo games
5. Another multiplat
6. Maybe another Nintendo game
7. Maybe Sony game.
8. Multiplat
9. Multiplat
10. Multiplat

I personally don’t care what sells the most. What I don’t like is the proclamation

PS4 is the CoD and Fifa Machine this gen. That is the only reason people buy it.

That’s not the only reason people buy it. Sure those are the highest selling games but there are a lot of reasons people buy video game consoles. Based on the numbers a crapton of people went to see Avatar but that doesn’t make it everyone’s favorite movie. Using an actual video game example, I remember once listening to a discussion about IGN’s game of the year picks. Sometimes the dark horse game wins not because it was everyone’s first pick but because it was everyone’s second or third place pick. Everyone’s favorite games were more varied. There’s a lot of people who buy Call of Duty because it’s popular and friends like to play the same games together, but there’s a chance that Uncharted or Gravity Rush 2 or Horizon was someone’s reason for getting a PS4.

Nintendo does tend to be the big reason someone buys a Nintendo system but my same statement applies. Maybe someone loves indie games and likes the idea of playing all those smaller titles on the go. They picked up Zelda because there was a lot of talk about it but it’s not the reason for the sale.

Sun Apr 08 18 01:42pm
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Super Mario Galaxy only sold ~12 million which is only a 12% attach rate. That's abysmal.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 sold only half that which is only a 6% attach rate. Wii is a failure.

Mario Kart 8 sold ~ 8 million which is ~ 60% attach rate. ZOMG the Wii U is the best ever.

TL;DR using attach rate as a measure of a consoles success or failure is stupid

Sun Apr 08 18 03:06pm
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Given that more (many more) PS4 owners don't have CoD and FIFA than those that do have them, how can you say that those are the only reason people buy the system and the only they want to play?

I wouldn't say it being as arrogant as you might think. I work with marketing of multiple companies, and a couple of them, from time to time, are MS and Sony. And Sony has been getting more aggressive with sports and heavy detailed oriented advertisement. And this shift has happened in the last four years. MS seems to progress towards trying to garner the "power across the PC" sort of deal and is blending their X-Box brand with Windows.

So in a way, Sony is aiming for that "CoD and FIFA" image cause of how lucrative it is currently (they're looking to also replicate an exclusive Fortnite experience as well), and in doing so is leaving several niche and fringe support looking for other markets to expand on. It's only natural these markets looked upon and Switch and gave it a chance and are making a killing.

I didn’t say it’s arrogant to make statements about what a company chooses to focus on, rather to make assumptions about the people who buy the games. It’s not cool to look for excuses to disparage the competition and go after the fan base in order to do it. Not all Playstation or Xbox fans are “Call of Duty, bro” kind of people and it’s ok if someone is. Not all Nintendo fans are babies playing their kiddy baby games either. I hated when Nintendo was labeled as the kiddy company and I’m not a fan of the reverse bashing too.

Sun Apr 08 18 05:16pm
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I reread that twice and in no way I can see the bashing you're claiming it out to be. There is truth to it, cause the market has responded in kind. Sony is late to shifting their marketing strategy to accommodate as such.

There was a reason people claimed Nintendo fans buy Nintendo only games. It's been reflected in the sales for the passed couple console generations. Once again there was some level of truth to that and the third party gave less of a shit for their efforts reflecting that.

In 2013 Coca-Cola shifted their marketing due to a small social media group thinking them placing half of their store shelf space within Latin stores with Fanta products. Namely to reflect that they don't support racial stereotypes of Mexican people love orange soda. This backfired and lost a lot of momentum in various markets because there was truth to that market, they hated running out of orange soda in various supermarkets in response to this marketing faux pa.

This is an example of how those stereotypes, though ugly, have some form of truth to it regardless what we want to see it with. And currently the market for Sony is very much so predominantly sports and CoD. But assuming his statement is gospel of all gamers who own one is literally making an uncomfortable position for yourself, there is always outliers, there is always exceptions to the rule. There is people who play more than sports on Sony just as much as Nintendo isn't entirety an Indie machine.

This is great news. NISA deserves this because they bring great games to the Switch.

Nice to see NISA being successfull on the Switch. I'm enjoying Penny Punching Princess a lot, and i'm definitely going to buy Ys VIII, SNK Heroines, SNK 40TH Anniversary Collection and probably more.

LOVED Disgaea!
Currently playing Atelier, the writing is... weak, but the craft system is very cool, ans I like the "laid back" battle system.
Already preordered Y's. :3

I'm really happy for them, I knew the Switch versions were selling well, and even more than the PS4 version, but I didn't think it was twice as much! O_O

We love a flame war

Sony will clap back eventually though

I suppose this does help explain why companies like Capcom and Square give a bit more preferential treatment towards Sony while SNK, NIS, and Grasshopper are more chummy towards Nintendo as of late.

Good thing that I stick with PC and Nintendo systems. That way, I almost won't miss out on a lot of games.


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