Suda51 on making Travis Strikes Again instead of No More Heroes 3, no voice acting, potential for physical release and ports of the first two games

The following interview snippets come from a Gematsu feature with Suda51...

G: Thanks for sitting down with us, Suda-san. To start us off, why did you decide to make Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes rather than a traditional No More Heroes 3?

Suda: “There are several reasons. The first is that this is a brand new adventure for Travis. He is no longer an assassin going out to kill other assassins. He is going into video games, fighting in games within the game, so it’s a completely new concept. No More Heroes 1 and 2 kind of set the formula for the series, and with this one I wanted to take it out of the numbered installments and do something completely different.”

G: Will Robin Atkin Downes return to voice Travis in the English version?

Suda: “There won’t be any voice acting in Travis Strikes Again.”

G: Is this going to be a physical release?

Suda: “Maybe.”

G: Are there any plans to port No More Heroes 1 and 2 to Switch? Or is it something you at least want to do?

Suda: “Oh, 1-2-Switch. No More Heroes 1-2-Switch, yeah… It would be awesome if we could do it, but I still have to figure it out. Marvelous and Grasshopper Manufacture share the IP, so I would have to get their permission.”


Mon Apr 09 18 04:40pm
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No More Heroes 1-2-Switch? This guy is interesting.

Man...almost all of Travis's personality comes from his voice and a huge part of the fun of the other games is the dialogue. What a shame.

On the other hand, a NMH 1/2 collection would be awesome. Especially if they took the chance to streamline the first game.

Agreed. The dialogues are so cheesy I just can't stop smiling or even laughiing :D But OK. This is a low budget spin-off in the end, but can still be good. I'll be getting it anyway. Maybe more support for this is what's needed for NMH3 even.

And NMH1-2 Switch (hehe) in HD? I would like! But pack them in with NMH3 ;)

Imagine what kind of games would be included in a No More Heroes themed 1, 2, Switch expansion pack.

I'd love an HD collection of NMH 1 & 2 on the Switch.

Even though I have been underwhelmed so far I still might pick this up. You know, because eventually I'm going to need something to play.

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