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Oh, that Legacy Collection 2... won't sell very well.

Are X5-X8 so bad?

Worse than Mighty No.9?

X5's actually my favorite and is a ton of fun, probably the best PSOne X game with a good difficulty balance. Would have been a fitting ending too. Haven't played the others but I do know X6 is infamous for horrid difficulty spikes and randomization, X7 is just a bad 3D transition with so much load times, and X8 is considered a hidden gem of sorts.

Ok, good to hear! I have actually only played X6 from collection 2, so my opinion on the others are also only based on what I've heard.

Tue Apr 10 18 07:51pm
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X5 was the only one that was actually part of the original story plan for the X subseries and was meant to be the finale; it was supposed to lead directly into the Zero subseries after that. The three "post-script" games in X6-X8 all had middling reception for various reasons, plus they ended up having to retcon things to explain why Zero was still around in those games when he was supposed to be in stasis from the end of X5 to the start of Z1.

X7 in particular is almost unanimously reviled.

Tue Apr 10 18 03:17pm
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You didn't even have the decency to put the six 2D games on one cart? Are... are you fucking serious Capcom? You're just taking the piss at this point.

You remember you already did stick all six, plus bonuses, on one disc on PS2/Gamecube right?

You can take these and shove them up right your greedy asses.

Tue Apr 10 18 03:20pm
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Do you think Capcom would read it here ? I totally agree with you but I would love for them to read it. Japan of Capcom too.. greedy asses!

Tue Apr 10 18 03:30pm
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Capcom wouldn't care even when they do inevitably read disgruntled fan comments.

Crapcom gonna Crap.

It would've been nice if at least X5 was on the first cartridge, so that people who wanted to ignore X6-X8 could. That's actually probably why they kept X5 on the second cart, so that people who wanted the full original story still had to buy both collections even if 75% of the second one didn't mean anything to them.

I'm sorry but this should've been one "collection" o fgames, not two.
Ugh, what's next Megaman X Legacy Collection 3 which contains only command Mission and some merch pictures?

Ooh, maybe Megaman Zero Legacy Collection which only contains 1, 2 and 3, then 4 ZX and ZX Advent on another?

Ugh, besides the Monster Hunter team, Capcom just can't seem to stop becoming the next EA

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