RUMOR - The reason why some of Konami's classic games never made it to the Virtual Console is absolutely baffling

Ever wonder why Konami classics like Contra, Castlevania Bloodlines, Rocket Knight Adventures, and others never made it to any version of the Virtual Console, or the NES/SNES Classics? A supposed former Konami employee who wishes to remain anonymous has shared details, and the reasoning is just plain dumb.

Back before the Wii VC went live, Nintendo sent third parties a list with their titles, and asked which ones would be eligible for release on the VC. When Konami got the list, all their classics were mentioned. The problem is, whoever filled it out forgot to checkmark certain titles before they sent it back to Nintendo. This mistake went on for years, and when an employee finally decided to update the list with the correct info, the opportunity didn't come up before they moved to a new position.

Seems like an absolutely ridiculous explanation, doesn't it? I honestly wouldn't believe it if it were any other company but Konami. The way they handle things in recent years has been mind-boggling, and this fits right in.

Thanks to ReyVGM for the heads up!


Wed Apr 11 18 04:41pm
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Now this is just sad. I thought perhaps the Japanese version of Contra having a special chip made it not possible for a VC release due to legal issues, but this is an even worse reason. Only games I can see having an actual legit reason for skipping VC are the N64 Goemon games that can't save properly since the Wii VC doesn't support controller paks.

Wed Apr 11 18 05:02pm
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I believe it, if Konami's sheer incompetence the past few years is anything to go by.

The funny thing is, the thing I was most excited about VC wise was Mystical Ninja: Starring Geomon and this is why it never came out...

Doesn't surprise me, find it a damn shame, but it's not like we can do anything about it at this point. Would be nice if they could put some of these on the Switch VC, if/when that happens. (Ha.)

Wed Apr 11 18 10:56pm
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I would have bought Sparkster in an heartbeat.
I loved that game more than Mario and Sonic combined.

Sounds exactly like something Konami would do.

Still sore that we never got Sunset Riders...

Just sounds like a honest mistake guys, chill out.

Considering how said mistake did lead to Contra being MIA from rereleases for 12 years now, it kinda is a big deal. Yeah, the Genesis games aren't something they could do much about anyway with no Genesis VC on any platform these days, and the N64 games couldn't even happen if they wanted to due to no Controller Pak, but Contra is a huge missed title. Super C may be better in every way but NES Contra is still better than Contra III which is still pumped out everywhere despite being mediocre, and a lot of people grew up with NES Contra too.

Well even if they decided to release them on vc, no one would have bought them legit considering their current situations.

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