Football Manager Touch 2018 made available on European Nintendo Switch eShop out of nowhere

Price: €34.99
Publisher: SEGA
Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Korean
Required space: 2.5GB

Football Manager Touch 2018 on Nintendo Switch is the most immversive football simulation ever created for Nintendo players. Feature packed with a huge choice of clubs, Touch gets you through the seasons quicker without compromising on detail or control.

They say football is a game of opinions, but it’s only yours that counts around here…

Football Manager Touch 2018 makes its debut on Nintendo Switch delivering the thrill of a league title without the long pre-match build up, and glare of the media. This streamlined Football Manager experience allows you to focus on the best parts of steeing a club to success – tactics and transfers.

Touch has been fully optimized for Nintendo Switch, with a bespoke user interface and a variety of controller options to create a unique Football Manager experience that goes wherever you go, and works your way. Challenge for the title on your commute or dock the Nintendo Switch to watch your tactical vision play out on the big screen, in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll get the full depth and power of Football Manager’s world renowned database with up-to-date player data on all the world’s best footballers, enabling you to sink your teeth into the transfer market. All the big teams from around the world are included and there’s more than 100 leagues to try your luck in.

Touch has been optimized for speedier gameplay and you’ll quizz through the seasons, aided by ‘Instant Result’ match simulation feature.

Key features

Many ways to play

Start your managerial career at one of the world’s top teams, create your own club or tackle one of several management scenarios in Challenge Mode

3D Match Engine

Football Manager’s acclaimed match engine and moderized match presentation help to bring your fixtures to life.

Real world scouting

Play the transfer market like never before with a realistic and immersive approach to scouting.

Tactical innovation

Developing your footballing philosophy is easy with tactical analysis steering you towards your strengths by highlighting your weaknesses.

Bargaining power

A wealth of clauses and transfer options arm you with more ways than ever to finalize that blockbuster deal.

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€35?! #Switch Tax Strikes Again

The Football Manager is superior to EA's manager game which was discontinued a few years ago... but sadly due to EA's license agreement with the German Football Association the SEGA Football Manager is not allowed to be released in Germany... and the eShop version is region locked. D:

Is this coming out as Physical? Cuz makes you wonder why the Switch Tax was applied when the card cost is always cited...

Is this the full game ? Not a mobile phone version ?

The gameplay seems to show a port of the premium iPad version (and with premium I mean a €20 app in the AppStore) (so the "Switch Tax" is €15)

No, I believe it's the tablet version with the added "3D match engine". They describe it as a "streamlined Football Manager experience" which is a little troubling as is the description of "Football Manager Touch 2018 on Nintendo Switch is the most immersive football simulation ever created for Nintendo players." Why mention specifically "for Nintendo players"? It's not going to be the definitive version and reminds me of how EA talked about FIFA 18 on Switch even though it was a lesser version and missing features. Yet, they want and expect us to pay more, not forgetting that it's been available elsewhere for some time.

The PC version would not work on any console.

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