Shift Quantum devs talk about the Switch porting process, considering gyroscopic/motion controls

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Shift Quatum devs, Fishing Cactus...

NL: So, how has development on the Switch been?

FC: Much better than expected! We were expecting the need to optimize a lot of our game because the Switch looks like such a small piece or hardware. We were really amazed to see it running smooth at first try.

NL: Are there any features of the hardware used in Shift Quantum, or anything you're interested in for a future project?

FC: We had some ideas of using the gyroscope to shift the world, or to use gestures with the Joy-Cons to so some actions in the game. As of now, these are all nice to haves. They’re not essential to finish the game, so let’s focus on that first.

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