Nintendo latest patent shows portable screens capable of interacting with one another (plus a lot of banana-rubbing)

There's one thing Nintendo makes very clear in their patent. They want people to rub bananas together. Banana-rubbing is the major focus in this patent, which shows off devices that can communicate with one another by touching or being in close proximity, and then create a shared experience. As you can see, you can place the screens together to create a single image, and then also use the touch screen to rub that sexy-looking banana across all the devices.

As you can see, Nintendo has some non-banana related ideas for games as well. Hopefully if they do create this game, they at least make banana-shaped pins, or throw a banana reference in there somewhere.

We aren't quite sure if this is something the Switch screen can do, or if the patent is for a new device altogether. The screens in the patents certainly come across as Switch screens. See what you can glean from the patents for yourself, which are right here.

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Fri Apr 13 18 08:11pm
Rating: 11

Bananas? Iwata's dreams still live on!


After the DS Nintendo have become obsessed with multi and touch screens....

Now we can buy a second Switch to play Etrian Odyssey.

I'm pretty certain these are Switch patents as one of the things you can do with Labo is link up multiple Switch systems for a single creation.
It also has potential applications for multiplayer games, so it's not out of the question if we see games like that on the future.

Fri Apr 13 18 08:11pm
Rating: 11

Bananas? Iwata's dreams still live on!


Fri Apr 13 18 08:54pm
Rating: 1

Iwatas dream lives on in all of us... Specially us with Switches ;)

Sat Apr 14 18 08:56am
Rating: 1

Why did he leave us so soon? 😢

Cancer truly is the greatest villain, friend.

Ugh with the recent patents of DK bongos and now whatever this banana screen thing is makes me fear we're heading back into another era of gimmicky paon developed DK spin-off crap...We were finally heading back in the right direction with Retro developed DKC games but I fear Retro is probably done with DK after the butthurt Metroid/Retro fanboys kept complaining they were making DK games..

You sure are passionate about the DK series. Ill give you that! Smile

Fri Apr 13 18 11:05pm
(Updated 1 time)

I have a K.Rool avatar...lol But seriously DKC is my favorite Nintendo franchise and I just don't like the way Nintendo treats the franchise especially considering Donkey Kong was the 4th best selling franchise of theirs. But they constantly neglect the franchise and treat it like the ugly step child. DK is severely underepresented in Smash, there are no DK line of amiibo, the GCN era all we got was spin-off gimmicky crap and DK got neglected to being a Mario spin-off character which hurt the brands identity. Most kids nowadays think of DK and Diddy as Mario characters and not Donkey Kong characters because that's all they appeared in for years. Which is why you have people nowadays complaining about Retro's DKC games because they feel the series is just a "lame Mario spin-off series" and not it's own thing.

Sat Apr 14 18 05:00am
(Updated 1 time)

Well, worse things happen.
You know, I’m a Mother fan. So you shouldn’t complain too much!

Mother seems to be dependant on one guy. He wanted the series to end, and it ended.

DK has no excuse.

I’m not necessarily talking about getting a sequel… Just having the games released in the West would be great, you know.

The comment section is not what I expected it to be, and I find that absolutely hilarious.

Haven't smart phones been doing this kind of stuff for years now?

Sat Apr 14 18 09:01pm
(Updated 1 time)

The bezel around these things make me believe this isn't necessarily a Switch-related thing, or at least not one that uses the system itself as a screen. The area around the screen for the Switch itself is way too thick for it to be practical in this kind of use case; you'd want the seams between the images to be as thin as possible and putting two Switches next to each other would make that seam about two inches thick.

I smell 3DS successor.

Sun Apr 15 18 12:59am
Rating: 2

Since it hasn't been said yet...... OHHHHH BANANA....

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