SEGA Ages announced for Switch

SEGA has revealed that SEGA Ages is coming to the Switch, which will include more than 15 classic Sega titles. Development is being handled by M2, and they'll be releasing the titles in the lineup starting this Summer. Games include Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV, Phantasy Star, and more.

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Saturn games please

Saturn games please

I guess the Virtual Console isn't coming to the Switch after all.

Fri Apr 13 18 11:13pm
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Hmm... so it's like that Sega Genesis Collection thing with 50 games that's coming to every system, minus the Switch (even though there's plenty of interest in it coming to Switch, and putting on Switch just seems like an obvious and profitable thing to do?).

Is it going to be different from that game some how? I mean, besides having 35 fewer games?

The Genesis Collection are basically emulation. These are being headed and developed by M2, so expect the Spin Dash in Sonic 1 as an example.

Fri Apr 13 18 11:42pm
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Don't know who M2 is... and looking them up brings up a lot of M2s with nothing to do with gaming... can you provide a few more details?

Hearing there will be updated features makes me hope for the 2013 versions of Sonic 1 and 2... or something similar at least...

M2 is the company that made those versions for the 3DS. They also worked on the GBA Virtual Console for the Wii U.

The emulation will be of ultra high quality and it'll include Master System and Technosoft games, which aren't on the Sega Europe compilation

Phantasy Star? Heck yes, sign me up!

SEGA and M2 actually did a great job when updating these old games for the PS2 over a decade ago. The way they pulled off lovingly updating most of those games while still respecting the original aesthetic was no easy task but they did it with the Golden Axe update being one notoriously glaring exception. Being able to play the original Panzer Dragoon at home without having to invest in buying a Sega Saturn or use PC emulation was a happy moment for me. It's just a shame that that port didn't leave Japan but it's mostly in English and easily played with Free McBoot.

Sat Apr 14 18 03:00am
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But NOT the Shenmue 1-2 remakes for Switch. Well, SEGA. Screw you! :D

They announced Shenmue 1 and 2 and they're NOT coming to Switch ???

Sat Apr 14 18 03:04am
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Yeah. With both English and Japanese VA and new controls...for PS4, XO and PC (PS4 exclusive in Japan).

Sat Apr 14 18 03:09am
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What the f*ck this is outrageous.
What is their problem, is their head shoved that far up their ass$s they can't see what's going on there, or even just the value of the market they're leaving behind ? Who's the audience that massively has nostalgia and recognition for the history of video-games ? Which is honestly at his point in time, the one thing that redeems those games ? Is that the Sony and Microsoft people ? I don't think so, all they're going to do is call it "overrated"
to clickbait youtubers because that's all they do with old school games anyway and dismiss it as a fail attempt at open-world gaming that was since perfected by god-almighty f*ckin gta.

Sat Apr 14 18 03:22am
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No idea what they are thinking (if they are at all). I mean, it's not like the Switch couldn't handle these remakes unless they sre built from the ground up. But no, these are HD remasters I think.

I know for sure these would sell batshkt crazy on the Switch.... so odd they dropped it.

I looked it up, at Wikipedia says this about Shenmue III (which I know isn't the same thing as the remakes):

During the conference, Sony Computer Entertainment approached Suzuki about Shenmue III as it was one of the most requested titles in their Twitter campaign asking fans what games they want to see on PlayStation.[29][30][31] In March 2014, Xbox head Phil Spencer said Shenmue III was the most requested sequel from Xbox owners.[32] In May, Sega renewed the Shenmue trademark.[33] In September 2014, Suzuki restated that Sega would allow him to make Shenmue III if he could fund it independently.[34]
It's possible that Nintendo never expressed similar things like SCE and Xbox did, and that Suzuki and Sega never realized there's a market for this on Switch.

I was not under the impression that the switch needed to express the need for games right now but it seems to be the case because of how much devs are rooted into their habits of sytematically not thinking of nintendo as being part of the main game. Anyway this is ridiculous. It's pretty obvious they need to be on the switch with these games and I'm constantly surprised at how much this industry does not think forward, and pretty much never favors big game changers.

Anyway ity's "just" Shenmue indeed (as much as people say they want it I'm pretty sure they'll end up not giving it a try and finding it disappointing, just like the first two games) and as I've said to Philo Sophy I was overreacting.

Sat Apr 14 18 11:05am
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Well I've got the first Shenmue on DC and I got both just 2-ish years ago and I still love the game to pieces. It's an odd one for sure, but has a great atmosphere and I kinda like the quirky story. But that's me, of course.

But I am still sure these HD remakes would do good on Switch. Oh well. Maybe a late port will happen. Hell, if Shenmue 3 comes to XO at some time it could also hit the Switch. If not, my PS4 will get more time.

Sat Apr 14 18 07:32am
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Dude, chill. Insulting will not bring you this Remaster to Switch.

The collection was already leaked last year and SEGA already teased it when Shenmue III was announced. The Switch wasn‘t even released back then. It‘s clear they put their focus on the platforms they first had in mind. Wouldn‘t rule out a version for Switch in the future. The reason the Switch isn‘t getting the Genesis Collection is most likely their plans with SEGA Ages.

Yeah that clearly was overreacting. Still pretty salty though and I still can't believe how not forward thinking they are at sega. It's pretty clear at this point that everyone wants everything that can be on the switch, ON the freaking switch.

Those HD remakes were removed before the Switch even existed. It also has no relevance to Shenmue and thus isn't really a system that's in dire need of it like PS4/PC (Getting Shenmue III) or Xbox (Which was the only way to get Shenmue II in the west). The PS4 version is the only one being released in Japan anyhow so it seems that was their sole plan to begin with.

Does not mean there is a potential to release it on Switch and actually earn some money on it.

Sat Apr 14 18 01:16pm
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Not every game needs to be on switch. Besides, I feel it's Nintendo's secrecy with it kinda is coming back to haunt them now since if they weren't so strict with devs having kits in early 2016 maybe the compilation would have been in the works for it. It's not like Sega hates the switch, since they're porting most of what they can such as the new Shining and Valkyria games, some things just don't work out.

Virtual Console is officially dead guys.

Genesis does what Nintendon’t

Genesis what Nintendisnt Smile

In terms of Sonic, why not just give us the Taxman & Stealth ports instead of what is most likely the 3DS releases of Sonic 1 & 2 that M2 did?

can i play Nights Intro Dreams, Panzer Dragoon or Clockwork Knight on it? if not, then screw it

Sat Apr 14 18 04:55am
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I would be so excited about Shenmue 1&2 on Switch, Sega is disappointing. It's just a HD version so the Switch could do it easily, it's like they don't care about maximizing the franchise and profits.

Sat Apr 14 18 05:26am
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play them again

oh we are not nintendo

also for those who do not understand why SEGA is NOT releasing shenmue on the switch...I may have to point out that the switch userbase may be...difficult to comprehend (like the wii) with many of the core games ABSENT from its userbase. So every time a big release skips the wii not due to specs I will have to say "told you so"

I'm not convinced...Sega is releasing games like Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Shining Resonance to Switch so Shenmue should be fine.

The Switch userbase isn't difficult to understand: they want good games, that's all...And that's why good indies are so successful on Switch. ;)

Sat Apr 14 18 06:55am
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Is Skies Of Arcadia coming in this? Maybe an HD remake?

Oh God, I'd love a Skies of Arcadia remaster or a new story! Awesome game!

Why not forever instead of ages?

Sat Apr 14 18 09:29am
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Because Ages is Sega in reverse. They even had a slogan that went something like "To be this good takes Ages. To be this good takes Sega"

EDIT: Seems I missed a memo and that there is such a thing as "Sega Forever" and you weren't just asking about a name... Ahahaha... ^^;

Because M2's stuff is way better than any port made in the Unity engine.

I wonder how Shenmue 1 and 2 hold up today. They always looked cool but I didn't have a Dreamcast.

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