IGN Video - Will GTA 5 Come to Nintendo Switch?

I think there are plenty of people who would double-dip on GTA V for the Switch. Hell, I think there are people who would be buying the game for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th time! I might be tempted to pick it up again, but as of right now, this is all just speculation.

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Sun Apr 15 18 05:58pm
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I'd triple-dip for that!

However this "story" has zero actual info behind it and is just a few people sitting around a table giving their wish-lists. So the idea of GTA V on the Switch gets two-thumbs up, but the video is nothing but clickbait garbage. Don't bother wasting your time watching the video.

I would as well in a heart beat.

Dang it, I should have read your comment first. Thanks. You're right. They could have named this video "Will Pokemon Snap come to Nintendo Switch?" without changing any of the video's content. Clickbait trash.

Sun Apr 15 18 06:00pm
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It'd be the first time I bought it, if it came to switch.

I'll pass but why not bring Red Dead Redemption 2 to Switch? That is something I could actually get excited about.

Honestly, probably an unpopular opinion, but GTA V is my favorite GTA, so buying a portable version is a no-brainer.

Why can't the Switch just get new games from now on?

Sun Apr 15 18 10:34pm
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Because there will always be a market for ports of older games, regardless of how old those games are and what console they're coming to?

There are so many great console games that I'd love to play on-the-go, so port away developers. (But also bring your new games as well.) A Bioshock Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, and Alien Isolation for example would be other games that I'd buy in a heartbeat if faithfully ported to the Switch.

Ports are being misused on Switch (not as a matter of fact but as a matter of my opinion). Ports have their place and that place is that they are supplemental to a healthy release schedule of new games. There must be interesting new games coming out regularly and consistently. In that environment, I don't mind ports at all. But when ports make up the vast majority of noteworthy releases we are supposed to care about for the year I have a big problem. Of course no one cares as long as the ports interest them. And people hate to hear others complain about things that don't affect them. But treating this as acceptable could result in some pretty boring gaming years in your future.

Fair enough, I see where you're coming from. I definitely don't want developers to constantly be "testing" the system to see whether or not there's interest in new games, nor just dumping all of their library without contributing anything new. I'm thinking after E3 we'll see a bunch of interesting new titles releasing, at least from Nintendo, but with how well the Switch is selling and with it being the most powerful handheld currently available, I think we'll also see a fair amount of new games from third-parties making its way to Switch. Maybe not a whole lot of third-party exclusives, but new multi-platform games.

I hope you are right; it's really all I am asking for. In the next year we should start seeing things from companies that heavily supported the 3ds like Level 5 and Atlas. As far as other, large third parties go, I don't need exclusives but I do want new games, released at the same time (or very close) as they are on other systems.

Mon Apr 16 18 12:09am
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Accidental double post

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