Playtonic says extra content is coming to Yooka-Laylee, and teases "other stuff"

Yooka Laylee is officially a year old. Sure, it took a bit longer to launch the game on Switch, but a year's time has passed since the title launched on other platforms. Playtonic celebrated the anniversary with a special blog post, and some juicy content is teased for Yooka-Laylee within.

Surprise! Remember us? Yes, hands up, we’ve been a bit quiet for a while. But we promise it’s because we’ve been far too busy working on covert goodness, and not because we’ve been down the pub for 4 months. Soon we’ll start talking more actively, both about extra content for Yooka-Laylee, plus… other stuff. Shhh!

Check out the full blog post here

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More stuff?
Good that I haven’t brought the game yet

Mon Apr 16 18 05:44am
Rating: 1

Physical release is all I've been waiting for.

Hopefully "other stuff" means a physical release. I want the game really bad, but I refuse to pay $40 for a digital game. $20 is really pushing it for me as far as digital games go.

Yeah I usually also hesitate to put more than 15€ or 20 in digital games. That being said the switch eShop has some really good stuff once you pass the 20€ bar so I might reconsider for some titles in the future. After all I also buy less retail games in general so I suppose it's a case of different times, different buying habits.

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