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Mon Apr 16 18 08:37am
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No pixel drugs or pixel nudes. What a shame. For those who don't know, our rating system is E (everyone, usually educational video content) G (general), PG (parental guidance), M (mature audience), MA15+ (mature audience 15yo and above), and R18+ (restricted).

Not surprised. The story from the demo was pretty graphic.

Why is this listed as multi platform? Is it not exclusive?

Tue Apr 17 18 06:47am
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It‘s funny to think about it know. They never stated it is exclusive as far as I can remember back. It‘s either timed exclusive or console exclusive with an upcoming release on the PC. For a long time, we thought Bomberman and the Crash Trilogy remaster is exclusive.

Tue Apr 17 18 07:04am
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Nintendo Switch
Release Date
Jul 13, 2018
No. of Players
To be determined
Role-Playing, Adventure
Square Enix

(Nintendo of America website)

At least in the US, Nintendo is publishing the game, so it won't be multiplatform over there. It would be very strange if it was multiplatform here but not America.

According to people in the thread, they do that for every game. Possibly so they don't have to pay to rate it again if it does end up going multiplatform in the future.

Apparently Super Mario Odyssey was also listed as multi-platform and we all know that won't happen any time soon :p. Seems they just do that for every game.

Oh, thank you. I haven't paid any attention to these ratings before.

Mon Apr 16 18 09:14am
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Primrose's story was kinda dark. I'm thinking it'll get at least a Teen rating here in North America.

Mon Apr 16 18 09:18am
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An Australian 'M' rating is a NA 'T' rating. For example, Braverly Default is rated 'M' in Australia and 'T' in NA.

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