Suda51 shares Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes tidbits, talks No More Heroes 3, inspirations, spin-offs and more

As we shared with you over the weekend, the wonderful Jonathan Holmes over at Dtoid had a rather lengthy sit-down interview with Suda51 about Travis Strikes Again, as well as No More Heroes in general. Here are some of the finger points from that interview.

- Travis has a weak attack, strong attack and jump attack
- Travis also has different skills and a running slash
- you can do a 2-player special attack
- story focuses on the relationship between Travis and Badman
- some of the alternate/secret routes in the game will make your path ahead more challenging
- camera style will change depending on where you are in a level
- includes a cameo from The Silver Case
- Suda used games like Smash TV as an inspiration for Travis Strikes Again
- the staff working on this game is about 10 people in total
- Suda still has the idea of a game starring Shinobu, but isn't sure if that would be for No More Heroes 3 or another spin-off
- Suda says he'd like to put Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw into the game, but he'd need permission from Kadokawa WB

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Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw into the game

Yes, and a sequel to Lollipop Chainsaw please!

Sequel... No buy the Lollipop chainsaw mini games made by 10 people with no budget so we can afford to make a proper sequel...

might as well just use kickstarter or some crap if they are just going to make shovelware to try fund future games

Lollipop Chainsaw isn't by the same people.

Regardless, in an industry with multimillion dollar games and such, smaller games or licencing, etc. are needed to acquire funds. Since No More Heroes 2 sold very poorly, publishers are less likely to fund a 3rd game in the series. So they have to get the funds themselves somehow. A spinoff game is one way to try.


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